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The Amazing Holiday

A reality TV-style holiday.
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I for one (and I'm pretty sure I am not alone) watch reality TV shows like Survivor or The Amazing Race and think to myself - now that could be a lot of fun, but then again I don't want to become a reality TV star - who wants to be splashed over tabloids or have hate-websites dedicated to them or be offered the chance to do TV commercials for diet pills or laxatives. I just want the adventure of going on an amazing trip around the world with a little healthy competition built in.

So, welcome to the Amazing Holiday Travel Agency. Pick a holiday. We have a European Adventure - 10 European cities in 10 days. A Southern Adventure - Southern Africa and Australia in 14 days. And the American Adventure - North and South America in 21 days. The list goes on.

You join a group of like-minded adventure seekers and you get your first clue. You then roam from city to city seeing some of the most exciting highlights and best-kept secrets. It is a race though and travellers need to beat others to checkpoints. There are also tasks which ensure you're doing things you never thought you would - like skydiving and river rafting. There are 'rest' stages when you can just kick back and relax on the beach.

All air tickets are paid for and players are given a certain amount of money at the beginning of each stage.

Unlike the reality show, no one is sent home, everyone completes the whole race. At the end, the overall winner (worked out on who has won the most legs/ has the best overall time) wins some money.

You pay a premium to be part of this race and part of that money goes towards prizes. It's the adventure of a lifetime without the TV cameras waiting for you to make a fool of yourself when you lose your temper.

Flux, Feb 03 2005


       //10 European cities in 10 days// This is called a "bus tour". They're hell, I'm told.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 03 2005

       So stretch the time, making it ten cities in 30 days (or equivalent), with hotel upgrade rewards for first and subsequent completion of hunt segments. This could be fun, I think.
calum, Feb 03 2005

       No busses. No bus tours. No tour guides! You're on your own. You got to find your way and solve clues. This is not like Contiki - it's an adventure.
Flux, Feb 03 2005

       I'm not sure I would enjoy this, but I can see how people would. I think it could use some "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" branding. Maybe every bus/plane ticket can have three possible destinations.
tiromancer, Feb 04 2005

       I think this is a great idea, it's not for me, but ther must be a market for this kind of trip (+).
P.S. the travel company would have to put some thought to arranging visas without the 'contestant's' knowledge.
neilp, Feb 04 2005


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