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Rope Swing Tours

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This is a company that takes you on a week long guided tour of the best river rope swings in the US.
leinypoo13, Sep 17 2008

Your tour guide... http://www.youtube....watch?v=MwHWbsvgQUE
[Jinbish, Sep 17 2008]

I imagined a serious of these, strung together http://www.youtube....pROzHY5M&hl=en&fs=1
[Klaatu, May 06 2011]


       Only if you get to let go.
phoenix, Sep 17 2008

       I was expecting a week-long guided tour *using* the best river rope swings in the US.
jutta, Sep 17 2008

       I wanted a tour bus with rope swings hoisted above the floors insead of seats. Grumble. +
daseva, Sep 17 2008

       I thought it would be the same thing [jutta] suggested - a continuous series of rope swings from coast to coast.
hippo, Sep 17 2008

       So did I. This is actually possible and all the better for it.
wagster, Sep 17 2008

       Ok, I lied about my first impression. It's fun to counteract [jutta] is all: a razor wire fence is where I dwell. Anyways, yea. Who the hell is going to go on this tour without some real action? It's like tasting wine without drinking it.
daseva, Sep 17 2008

       Yes, bun for jutta! weeeee no other way to go....
xandram, Sep 18 2008

       On seeing the title my first thought was that it might have been a macabre journey centred around various gibbets and scaffolds - I really ought to lighten up!
zen_tom, Jan 28 2009


       Wait until you are in the river, consarn it!
bungston, Jan 28 2009

       While on Youtube, I looked for rope swing fail. There are so many.
bungston, May 06 2011

       I'll take the skinny dipping sampler summer sun tour but not that Deliverance adventure. I'm less into banjo now.
Mustardface, May 06 2011

       are the best swing tours in US?   

       I heard Surbiton
po, May 06 2011

       po - it turns out there are lots and lots of swingers tours! And it looks like they're having fun!
bungston, May 06 2011


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