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Remote Vacuum

Sit back and watch the remote vacuum do all the work!
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With the remote vacuum there is no longer the problem of having a large cord following you all over the house . This is a good idea for people who are lazy, handicapped, or are too busy. There are two ways of working this devise. 1) just like a remote control car, you hold the controller and have it clean where ever you would like. 2) preset the vacuum to the area of the room, and every thing is done for you. Now, even the kids might actually pick up the remote for the vacuum, and before they know it the floor is spotless.
skitz4real2, Nov 28 2000

Roomba Intelligent Sweeper Vac http://www.hammache...m/publish/66632.asp
One already [baked] version of this idea. Not remote controllable, actually a robot that decides on its own where to go. [krelnik, Oct 11 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       There are several extant efforts at robotic vacuum cleaners (I'll try to dig up some links). None of them seem terribly successful. I haven't seen any remotely controlled vacuum cleaners; that might work better...
egnor, Nov 29 2000


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