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Super Vacuum

Voice reconition with Smart chip technology and built in trash compacter
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Imagine a vacuum cleaner that would respond to the sound of your voice?! With smart chip technology, not only could you tell your vacuum to "get it's motor running", You could also tell it what to pick up and what NOT to. For instance, if you're vacuum got a little out of hand and tried to eat your rug, you could simply say "Stop Vac, that's not for you!" Or,on the other hand, Say you drop a slice of pizza on the floor and don't feel like bending over to pick it up. You could simply say "Pizza! Vac, Go get it boy". Furthermore, because of the built in trash compacter, you wouldn't need to empty it for like a year or two. Ultimately this invention would save time, save your back, and with the endless programming capabilities, could even become a long-lasting source of companionship.
Inestein, Oct 30 2001

(?) how soon they forget http://www.halfbake..._20a_20newbie_20day
be nice to new acquaintances [po, Oct 30 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       I was with you bliss on that one (sorry about the use of the word evil contained in my anno to one of your many latest ideas. It is a word I NEVER use but it just seemed to pop up - perhaps in light of the overuse of it recently.)
po, Oct 30 2001

       [bliss] If you look at thumbwax's annotation under "Laundry Pager" you'll see that the 1/2b has had some publicity.
Helium, Oct 30 2001

       Reporting as ordered.   

       Hey, where is everybody?   

       Since I'm here: "Super Vacuum! Go clear out that bank vault!"
phoenix, Oct 30 2001

       Man, you guys are harsh. Ok, so I didn't read all the previous posts. I humbly take my blueprints to the trash can (head hung low). I tell ya tho, I miss Vac already. You guys may have seen plans like his come & go but he was special to me.
Inestein, Nov 02 2001

       Low pressure creates suction. A vacuum creates more suction. Could a super-vacuum be a volume of anti-matter with effectively negative pressure? No, thought not.
pottedstu, Nov 02 2001

       Well see, unlike a maid...you wouldn't have to pay it once a week. Unlike a dog...it wouldn't whine at 4am wanting to go out. It would just clean up after me, without complaining. Kinda like Mom used to do only without the yelling. That's the kind of companionship I'm talkin' about UnaBubba. And hey,if maids were free and dogs only needed relief every couple of years then I would concede, point taken. Until then, I have to say there's still no comparison to Super Vac.   

       And besides Tiger, I seriously doubt that a dog could push a vacuum cleaner, i mean come on!
Inestein, Nov 03 2001

       .. Business making sense. Dragon NaturallySpeaking High dictate the sentence using A vacuum cleaner that uses Dragon NaturallySpeaking will not work
pathetic, Nov 03 2001

       My, What an imagination UnaBubba! I sure hope you have a maid! You guys don't seem to have much knowledge about the working of such domestics as Vacuum Cleaners. By the way, you might be surprised to know that I'm a GIRL, you dirty old man! You should be ashamed!
Inestein, Nov 10 2001

       Inestein - don't girls do that sort of thing then?
po, Nov 10 2001

       Po, I don't know how tight knit your circle of girlfriends is, but you might want to try to meet some new ones, and you guys might want to lay-off the porn sites for a while too, they seem to be having some Freudian cross-over effect into everyday kind of things.
Inestein, Nov 11 2001

       i've been capitalised - how did that happen?
po, Nov 11 2001

       MIGHT HAVE TO SPEAK UP A BIT WHEN THE VACUUM IS RUNNING....oh, sorry, I was vacuuming....so the vacuum can hear you. My vacuum talks to me--when I begin to notice that its whine is getting higher-pitched, over a period of months, I figure it's time to change the filter bag/defacto trash compactor module.
entremanure, Nov 12 2001

       Sorry po, somehow I just pictured you bigger in my mind
Inestein, Nov 14 2001

       Sorry Inestein - a very silly remark - don't know what came over me by the bye I am a Big girl
po, Nov 14 2001


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