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Slinky Roomba

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Automatic vacuum cleaners, like the Roomba, can't usually do stairs. But the Slinky Roomba can! Simply set it on the top step and go make yourself a cup of tea.

Looking like a hinged L-shape, the Slinky Roomba sidles left-to-right until the step is clean, whereupon the motorized hinge unfolds and the entire contraption journeys, slinky-style, to the step below.

Once the cleaning is done, Slinky Roomba can be set to walk aimlessly around the house in an inching, caterpillar-like motion to entertain young children.

mitxela, Oct 28 2015

Skirting_20Board_20Vacuum_20Roomba here's its best friend [xenzag, Oct 29 2015]


blissmiss, Oct 28 2015

       I'd like one to slink hand-to-hand when there are no automatic handwashing breasts in the toilet.
4and20, Oct 29 2015

       Totally impractical - (that's a big compliment from me) Here's a piece of a croissant - rem to eat on the stairs, to give your new apparatus the opportunity for an outing! [+]
xenzag, Oct 29 2015

       Counter proposal: IF you own a Dachshund you could try putting a sweeper under their belly like a doggy Swiffer?
travbm, Oct 29 2015

       Dammit, I was going to post this! I'll bun it instead. [+]
pertinax, Nov 07 2021

wjt, Nov 13 2021


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