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vacuum & floor polish dog harness

isn't it about time
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Aside for some rare cases dogs are complete freeloaders that shed and stink up their home. There are many dogs that train their owners to not only feed them but watch as they move their bowels. It gets worse, has your dog ever consumed an object that did come back out ? Did you have to pay close attention to the process and then clean up the aftermath?

The vacuum & floor polish dog harness is a must have. Harnessed to your dog's rear torso the device trails behind the as they occupy your home cleaning your floors and cleaning up their mess.

Envision a harness racing cart universally hinged at the torso + battle bot that still works if knocked upside down. Wheels drive the battery charging that in turn powers the motors that drive the vacuum & polishing action. The device deposits the collected materials in a clear Dyson type canister, this is for those owners that like to inspect their dogs excrement.

vfrackis, Nov 08 2015


       I'm sorry to hear that your dog ate your keys, but since dogs are almost universally trained you may as well just strap a Rooomba to your dog, disconnect the motive and navigation assemblies, and train your dog to cover the whole floor. Dogs like working.
Voice, Nov 08 2015

       I didn't realise Polish dogs were any more problematical than other East European mutts in this regard.
pocmloc, Nov 08 2015

       A robot would be better. The dog would get used to it and see it as a friend after a while. Especially if it had a Polish accent.
pashute, Nov 08 2015


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