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follow me sucker

An adapter so a vacuum cleaner stays it's distance .
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With a standard vacuum cleaner, cleaning involves dragging around the unit by the hose .

I propose an attachable unit that has two motors on either side to drive each of the vacuum's wheels . PLC is used to control the direction and velocity of the vacuum . The human cleaner wears an electronic tag. The tag allows the PLC via sensors to maintain a buffer of path taken. The distance maintained between the human cleaner and the vacuum cleaner can then be programed .

Now I have a vacuum cleaner that follows me around . If I back up the vacuum recalls the buffer and backs up . The only weight I am carrying is like a broom and I don't have to worry about tangles with furniture .

Power could be accessed via the standard cord and a clamp cut .

Modern vacuums are pretty light but still have to have their direction controlled . Heavy units, with more features(a wool ball producing vacuum) could be produced .

wjt, Mar 03 2009


       Good name. +
placid_turmoil, Mar 03 2009

       Some people would pay top dollar for a machine that sucks and does not speak to follow them around all of the time.
vfrackis, Mar 03 2009

       Aha!, then put the tag on your cat....
Custardguts, Mar 04 2009

       my cat and I get along just fine. Don't be a hater!   

       Besides Pedi-Paws made everything alright. www.asseenontvadvisor.com/ pedipaws
vfrackis, Mar 04 2009

       Could you use the flex/tension in the hose, rather than relying on a tag? That way you don't end up with a stubborn/confused mule if you lose the tag, or indeed suck it up accidentally!   

       I assume there're going to be sensors preventing furniture collision on the sides of the cleaner also?   

       I like the concept, it's a nice compromise between dragging and the robotic cleaners you can buy, allowing full control of the cleaning process but without the hassle!
Skrewloose, Mar 04 2009

       Because the track is of you, if you do not bump into the furniture, the cleaner won't . This whole method rests on the tag .
wjt, Mar 05 2009

       My point is that if you go along the side of an armchair, then straight across the front of it, either the cleaner is going to lose you behind it, or try to drive through it.   

       Also, the tag is bound to get lost at some point, rendering the cleaner much worse than a regular vacuum, as it'll resist movement. As you say, this whole system relies on the tag!
Skrewloose, Mar 05 2009


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