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Remote controlled dodgems

You control the car somebody else is riding
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Each car is fitted with remote control gear, and a camera on the nose transmitting the picture to another car, and is controlled by the person riding that car.

You will have the choice of steering "your" car (the one you are in control of) by the flickering, grainy, monochrome image on a small monitor or you can look around to identify it by sight. Meanwhile, "your" car (the one you are on) is juggling around, controlled by somebody in some car in that pack screaming around you.

What tactic would be best? Ram every car on sight, secure in the knowledge that somebody else takes the discomfort? Or get defensive and shy away, to avoid getting rammed yourself? It would be interesting to speculate.

neelandan, Dec 26 2002

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       ("Dodgems" are also known as "bumper cars", in case anyone else was confused. We're not talking about real-life highway driving here.)
egnor, Dec 26 2002

       The average Bumper Car operator is barely capable of moving their OWN vehicle around much, I wonder how much more difficult they'd be to control remotely? Maybe if you got totally round bumper cars that were easy to move in any direction.. but I foresee you easily getting stuck when the car you are controlling is behind you, and it is pinned in from an angle not obvious to it's camera.
GhettoBodhi, Dec 26 2002

       I don't know how well this would work but I still think that it's a great idea.
madradish, Dec 26 2002

       Me 2.
FarmerJohn, Dec 27 2002

       Whiplash claims would go through the roof, as you wouldn't be able to prepare yourself for which direction you were about to lurch. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as you'd get a few days off work and a fat compensation payout. It's a winner.
kpx, Dec 27 2002

       Orb-It Dodgem?
RayfordSteele, Dec 27 2002


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