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Ever need a donkey for birthdays, or special events on short notice?
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Have you ever needed a donkey for heavy labor, children's birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, backpacking or other uses on short notice and just couldn't find one? Well, fret no more. Rent-A-Donkey, the world's first and only donkey superstore, has the solution to all your needs. Not only can Rent-A-Donkey supply beasts of burden for major industry, salt mines, festive occasions and to alleviate the lonliness and depression associated with being a widow, bachelor or an outright loser, but they can do it at a price anyone can afford. Rent-A-Donkey also carries a full line of donkey related products such as hay, feed, horseshoes, toy donkies and cattle prods and tazers for those stuborn asses who just won't cooperate.
rcornell, Mar 02 2001

Burros Worldwide http://www.bourricot.com
B'gorra! We're needing that right here! [reensure, Mar 02 2001]

Google says... http://www.google.c...&hl=en&lr=&safe=off
Two States donkey rental agencies, a Biblical reference, and a mystery set at Shepheard's Hotel. Coming soon: Halfbakery. [hello_c, Mar 02 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       We rented an elephant for a birthday party once. It had a big banner that said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", and we all got to go for rides. It came with a trainer, and was quite well-behaved.   

       But what would anyone do with a donkey? Play that quintessential birthday-party favorite, "stick a pin in the donkey's tail, get kicked in the teeth, visit the hospital, and undergo facial reconstruction surgery"?
egnor, Mar 02 2001

       Just don't open it next to my Rent-A-Moose store.
dredcat7, Mar 03 2001

       Prehaps donkeys could be used in car-less theme parks such as an Amish version of Westworld. For pedestrians donkey could be quite useful - why I would happily use labrador panniers for my dogs if I could find them. However a donkey could carry more, of course.
Aristotle, Mar 05 2001, last modified Mar 06 2001

       Does it cost extra if you're going to use it in a barnyard fun video? huh, cornell, huh!? baseball makes me happy
bigdaddyfatfat, Mar 06 2001


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