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Replacement Horn

Why deal with morons in traffic?
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We've all been cut off at one time or another by someone who probably feels like they're the only person on the road and that everyone should yield to them. Well, I know it sounds kind of stupid, but in some way shape or form - it could be workable. Basically, I say replace your car horn with a massive focused subwoofer which, in theory, would beat up the car, to really show the other guy what you think of his/her driving skills. Imagine the fun. Sure it would probably violate many federal laws, but I think its worth the risk.
XTi, Mar 09 2003


       Might want to make sure it doesn't beat up your car as well.
galukalock, Mar 09 2003

       Baked by music industry terrorists and borderline geniuses The KLF who strapped a huge bass weapon to the top of an armoured vehicle. A test firing way out in the country caused cows to stampede, one being killed in the process.
my face your, Mar 09 2003

       Well, recently there was a design in Popular Science for an ultrasonic bullhorn.   

       It works like this: it's easy to transmit sound in the ultrasonic range, and focus it to a tight beam for hundreds of yards.   

       Two ultrasonic beams are projected, and the difference between the two beams of sound is the same as the frequency of sound in the human voice.   

       When you have two signals, like 400hz and 450hz, you get a 'beat' frequency between the two. You'd hear the two original sources as well as the 50 hz beat frequency.   

       So, as the ultrasonic signals degrade, they spread out slightly and you hear the beat frequency which is in the range of human hearing while the two original signals aren't.   

       So you could have an ultrasonic horn that is only audible to the jerk in front of you at 130 decibles !
Jkirk3279, Nov 12 2003


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