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Satanic laughter car horn

Shamelessly derivative
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An extremely powerful yet compact P.A. system, vehicle mounted, with strongly emphasised bass range, linked to a high quality audio source.

When triggered, plays a burst of earth-shaking demonic laughter. Various burst lengths are pre programmed, key-selectable.

intended to induce bowel-emptying terror in victims.

8th of 7, Feb 06 2020

Evil laugh car horn. https://www.boombla...-sounds-car-horn-1/
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 07 2020]


       You're more likely to induce mild amusement, annoyance, and reports for noise pollution. [-]
Voice, Feb 07 2020

       This is only the first stage [Voice].   

       Clearly this is a recreation of Pavlov's famous experiment & this is just the bell, the object is to see how many times you need to drive by honking the horn & lobbing grenades before the horn alone is sufficient to loosen bowels.   

       This is [8th] after all.
Skewed, Feb 07 2020

       Quite baked I'm a afraid... well maybe not "Satanic" but Evil laughter car horn yes.   

       As long as the sound extends well into the infrasound, to actually cause the ground (& other cars, & nearby buildings, etc) to vibrate...
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 07 2020

       That's the specification, yes.   

       // Quite baked I'm a afraid... //   

       Cite your Prior Art, please.
8th of 7, Feb 07 2020

       Should be linked to the steering wheel mounted hand dryer, and activated not with a press but in the usual e.l.a.h.d. style.
calum, Feb 07 2020

       A Satanic Brown Note Generator ... GREAT *clap* Send it to Engineering, I'm going on vacation.
Letsbuildafort, Feb 14 2020


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