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Reprocessed Coffee

A couple of times through the human alimentary canal
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Elephant and Civet dung coffee is sold for $1000 a kilogram. I have a digestive tract that is much closer to home and much less expensive to run the beans through, namely my own. I think we have been through this before, but with hot sauce -- that hotness or spice tastes strong because it is close to what your body would naturally reject -- so one way to refine hot sauce would be to eat only hot sauce for a couple of weeks in a row and start to "reprocess it, so that anything that was remotely absorbable would be sucked into your body and only the really unacceptable and thus spicy stuff would continue to be passed through -- so that would be really spicy reprocessed hot sauce, so, if the subject is still healthy enough to undergo this kind of process, why not try coffee, as long as they are charging that much for it.
JesusHChrist, Mar 30 2013

Elephant dung coffee http://www.dailymai...ce-red-berries.html
$1,100 per kilogram [JesusHChrist, Mar 30 2013]




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