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pH Balanced Coffee

Acid? My eyes! the goggles do nothing!
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Lots of people have health problems as a result of the acidity of Coffee. I propose creating a coffee with natural additives to balance the pH levels.
thejini, Aug 14 2003

Baked, apparently http://www.fordchir...ctic.com/febtip.htm
[lubbit, Oct 21 2004]


       I can see it now. Cream, sugar, or baking soda?
Worldgineer, Aug 14 2003

TrippingRose, Apr 16 2004

       Although some people add egg shells to balance out the acidity (note SHELLS, not the EGG) of coffee grounds I have also had spectacular results grinding up a calcium supplement tablet and tossing that in with the grounds...
cloudface, Apr 27 2004


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