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Ritalin Coffee

or why not Coca-Coffee
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Or how about Coffee papaver somniferum. What better way to keep all of those farmers in Afghanistan busy. Seriously. Poppies must be around for a reason.
JesusHChrist, Oct 01 2009


       They can grow whatever they want and make a good living. It's not the farmers who like growing papaver, it's the oppressor. All druglike substances are here to teach us a lesson about the thin line between this world and the next.
zeno, Oct 01 2009

       Opiates aren't the problem, greedy people are. (Per usual).   

       We need opiates and all their derivatives for excruciating pain relief.
blissmiss, Oct 01 2009

       or I propose, ta-da (!) Coca-Cola, a beverage with, now illegal, stimulants right in the recipe. Go find an old person and ask them what it was like, i doubt you will find many who report becoming hopelessly addicted to it... context is critical, pilots and soldiers who used amphetamines during service by instruction rarely became addicts but soldiers who used depressants to escape the horror of service in Vietnam often did. As for the poppies in Afghanistan we could simply buy them (as we do thousands of tons of legally grown poppies) and make legal drugs out of them. The price would be slightly higher but the overall cost would be lower and if the purchasers encouraged co-ops and legal markets then terrorist attacks that tried to disrupt this new, legal, local economy would lose local support. OR, we could let soldiers wander the countryside until some one takes a pot shot at them, retaliate with bombing and maintain a cycle of feud and retribution.
WcW, Oct 01 2009

       Bun for the title. The rest of the rambling almost took it away. If you're using coffee to concentrate, it only makes sense.
kevinthenerd, Oct 01 2009

       Jeez, wow, 3 different flavors huh? I'm giving this a [-] for not being a viable idea.
quantum_flux, Oct 03 2009

       Well JesusHChrist! JesusHChrist is back!
RayfordSteele, Oct 04 2009


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