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Reusable Soda Can

The form is the function.
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Please, please, someone tell me this is Baked.

A reusable container, made of aluminium, with a very water-tight screw top and a smaller snap-open drinking hole, the exact size and shape of a soda can. The screwtop is for easy filling, and for inclusion of ice or teabags.

The size allows it to take advantage of all the products designed to work with the soda can form-factor. Can cozies to keep cool. Can-sized cup holders, which can hold it with no risk of tipping. Those nifty roll-down can dispensers in the doors of minifridges. Can handles. Small pockets ...

[To clarify: No insulation, no special features, the flip top is made as cheaply as won't leak. I'm imagining this as something reusable but not fancy or worth worrying about, like those thin food storage containers one can buy in six-packs or that some lunch-meat brands have started to use for standard packaging. The kind of cheap that specialty drink makers might find worthwhile to turn into their standard packaging, in lieu of regular one-time-use cans.]

gisho, Nov 11 2010

Aluminum bottles http://24.media.tum...eZf40yHZDo1_500.jpg
Japan standard issue [Voice, Nov 13 2010]


       Well, skip the pop top. I'd be fine with a good screw cap. People reuse bottled water bottles all the time. Great idea, I think. Aluminium in this size has advantages. [+]
Boomershine, Nov 11 2010

       There exists a product which is basically a screwable sodabottle top that can attach to the top of an aluminum can, rendering it reusable. Not the same thing as this idea, but related.
DrWorm, Nov 12 2010


       "I'd be fine with a good screw" (+)
normzone, Nov 12 2010


       "I'd be fine with a good screw" (+) — normzone, Nov 11 2010   

       (marked for a no duhhhhh) +
blissmiss, Nov 12 2010

       A small thermos works well for me in this application. A thermos matching soda can form-factor exactly might be neat though.
Spacecoyote, Nov 12 2010

       Fabricated in 316SS, that sounds like a very marketable product.
8th of 7, Nov 12 2010

       Given the 330ml of a normal can, by the time you've added vacuum flask double wall system and the insulated lid system, I'd be surprised if you got any change out of 250ml. Which isn't very much. There are already 500ml vacuum flasks available. They don't need can-cosies, they come with their own cup, and they're not expensive. They're the same diameter as 330ml cans, but taller, so should fit the same holders. Also insulated cups exist with exactly the screw-top and snap open drinking hole, already adapted to fit in cup holders.   

       Fundamentally, a re-usable soda can is just a cup.
bs0u0155, Nov 12 2010

       [bs0u0155], I wasn't imagining it with any integral insulation. It's really the roll-down dispensers that concern me. Anything taller than a soda can won't fit. I also find 350mL is about how much tea or wine I like at a time.   

       It's not a cup, it's a bottle!
gisho, Nov 12 2010

       [+] bun for the sheer *greeness* of it!! Companies should make more reusable products these days!
xandram, Nov 12 2010


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