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Mini-Liquor Shot Bottles
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Mini-Liquor Bottles in the shape of a shot glass. You can use it to shoot the drink first, then you have a free shot glass to keep. Make the removable lid a thick aluminum seal. Have the label easily removable, or the brand and design etched into the glass to make it collectible.
SparkBugg, Nov 28 2006

(??) Some existing instances of this. http://www.tequilaminis.com/
Scroll down for Cristeros, 100 Años reposado, and Cristeros Reposado corked shot glass "bottles". [jutta, Nov 28 2006]

Minibottle library includes shot glasses http://www.minibott...bl/alpha/cristeros/
[Voice, Apr 22 2014]


       Don't see why not.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 28 2006

       This seems so eminently bakeable and practical I cannot imagine why it has not been done. I can imagine these being promotional trinkets for new drinks, handed out in clubs and bars. [Sparky], an auspicious start for you: welcome. I look forward to you gradually emptying your blog of ideas into the embrace of the HB.
bungston, Nov 28 2006

       I want one! (or a dozen) [+]
MoreCowbell, Nov 28 2006

       Jutta sure knows his booze. Nice try though. Good idea.
MoreCowbell, Nov 28 2006

       Ahem... Yes she does...
jtp, Nov 28 2006

       Wow, nice catch. I didn't think it was that original, but I thought that if existed, it would be more popular. Can you imagine a six pack of these? Perfect to bring to celebrations.   

       Anyway, back to the drawing board. Thanks for the support!
SparkBugg, Nov 29 2006

       They do already exist.........you can get them in split shot glasses as pre-made cocktails too, so points for the idea, but unfortunately someone beat you to the bun.........
Half-life below 40yrs, Nov 29 2006

       Only if it's widely known to exist. Now I'm a minor, so I don't know. Bt are these actually widespread?
Germanicus, Nov 29 2006

       In the UK, yes.
webfishrune, Nov 29 2006

       [jtp] //Yes she does// Doh!
MoreCowbell, Nov 29 2006

       Collecting a set of jelly glasses or Drinking glasses is a baked marketing tool. It forces you to buy 12 jars of olives if you want a set of 12 water glasses, for example. My family must have bought the same brand of olives for over a year.   

       I am amazed how long the glasses last. And how quickly links become broken.
popbottle, Apr 22 2014

       Linkrot. It's everywhere.   

       And my collection of skull shaped one ounce bottles ended as soon as it began.
normzone, Apr 22 2014


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