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savable wine labels

peel-off mini labels contain the product information
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You had a great wine, but you can't remember what it was.

Wine labels should be easily removable - like those "Save $1.00 at checkout!" coupons on grocery products. The label is easily peeled away from the waxy surface underneath, so that the label retains no gluey residue.

The winemaker can include extra information or special offers on the labelback, AND they ALSO have someone carrying a mini-advert for their product around with them!


- you could write on the back of the label, to remember things like: tasting notes, price paid, where and when purchased

- pre-punched holes would appear in the left margin, so that an entire line of wine-label-binders could spring up in the aftermarket!!

mhujm, Dec 01 2005

One such wine label collector's collection http://www.winegirl...guages/English.html
(Not one I've met, I hasten to add, just one I found on Google.) [DrCurry, Dec 02 2005]

A place to keep your labels http://www.craftsfloral.com/X7548012.html
[DrCurry, Dec 02 2005]

Soaking labels http://www.grape-nu...labels/removal.html
I did not know that. - Thanks [Dr. C] [Zimmy, Dec 02 2005]


       You can ask for the label in most higher end restaurants. They use a sticky trnsparent plastic that laminates it at the same time
theircompetitor, Dec 01 2005

       I drink wine with almost every dinner - sadly (for me) I can't afford to have all those dinners at high-end restaurants. :(   

       We probably drink even more wine at home, and I've used the labelsevers you mention, but I think they can be a pain - you have to wait several minutes for the adhesive to bond and even then they sometimes still butcher the label.
mhujm, Dec 01 2005

       I'd bun twice if I could.
Zimmy, Dec 02 2005

       I'm sure I've seen this, or something like it. Maybe at Sainsbury's.   

       Moreover, I've met people who collect regular wine labels - see links for more sordid details.
DrCurry, Dec 02 2005

       [Zimmy], I have no opinion either way, so I gave it a (+) for you. :)
migennes, Dec 02 2005

       I met a wonderful artist who recently moved into a house with ugly bathroom wallpaper. She saved tons of wine labels and used them to paper a collage over the existing walls. It looked really elegant!
tchaikovsky, Dec 02 2005

       //She saved tons of wine labels// In the UK, we have a special name for that type of artist.
coprocephalous, Dec 02 2005


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