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Screw-On Shower Cap

For bottles, not yer cranium.
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Often have I wasted a perfectly good bottle of water by upending it over my head on a hot day. I'm sure many of us have done the same after a particularly difficult jog. This is a waste of water, but who can deny the relief it provides from the sweltering heat of a summer day?

It would be a great feature (and selling point) for a brand of bottled water to provide caps with tiny channels punched into the plastic. These channels would radiate from the center and angle out slightly towards the edges of the cap. Water wouldn't spill out of the tiny perforations due to air pressure, but when someone desires a cooling blast of water, they could point the bottle towards their head and squeeze, simulating a refreshing shower. In this way the dumping of the entire bottle could be avoided.

During shipping the caps could be covered in removable plastic as to prevent contamination through the holes. This design would save water and make bottled water, an already ecologically dubious business, somewhat greener.

DrWorm, Sep 12 2009


       neat idea, could be a cap under the cap or a simple modified nozzle that "spritzes" the water at a wide angle.
WcW, Sep 12 2009

       Title made me laugh! I saw more of a shower cap thingy, that screwed onto your head to keep your newly coiffed hair tidy, whilst is showering. Oh well, another day perhaps.
blissmiss, Sep 12 2009

       [-] for promoting bottled water
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Sep 12 2009

       How 'bout a [+] for an idea that would make people buy less bottled water. Please? My intention was to save water, not waste it.
DrWorm, Sep 12 2009

Why not take the concept literally.

       Small black portable roughing-it showers in a bottle shape so that they clip on the outside of any backpack storing solar heat all day would be good.
I've spent several days in the bush with nothing but a pack a few times, and towards the end of a week you'd give quite a bit for a warm shpritz before bed as opposed to creek or river scrubs. (+)

       Actually, [21Kwest], I wasn't really begging for a vote, just refuting the statement that my idea is promoting bottled water. After all, we all know that stuff is evil, right? <sarcastic begging>So could you take that back, pleeeeze?</sb>   

       Also, the croissants must be MINE! <-----kidding
DrWorm, Sep 13 2009

       I'm not sure whether the advent of micro-showers would stem bottled water purchases - LED lighting was said to stem waste of electricity, but considering the many, many new playful lighting locations that have been made accessible by the low-consumption LEDs...   

       Same with the micro-shower: Who's to say people won't carry two bottles, one containing oxygenated, taurin-laced drinking water, the other containing slightly deodorated, unobtainium-laced showering water?   

       As for the idea: [+]
loonquawl, Sep 14 2009

       Surely Bombastium would be more suitable than taurin, no?
goldbb, Sep 15 2009


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