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Alternative to Riverdance
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In Ireland there is a dance company called Riverdance, which is internationally very popular, but five seconds accidental exposure of which is guaranteed to make me fling myself against the nearest wall. Ripper-Dance is my proposed alternative to the saccharin-doused excesses of Riverdance.

Instead of the prancing troop of lithe and permanently grinning mini-skirted dancers, Ripper-Dance would be choreographed in such a way as to explore the dark side of human movement and physical form. Based on the story of Jack The Ripper, the sets would be the gloomy, fog-infested alleys of Victorian London. The story of the five infamous murders would unfold as dramatic spectacles of frenzied motion and raw energy. For comic relief, Jack would juggle or skip around after each incident, using his organ trophies as props, accompanied by a merry chorus, with his most recent victim propping themselves up on one elbow and joining in. As a finale, the entire cast would perform a dance-macabre celebration, swaying across the stage to the dulcet tones of Bebel Gilberto performing “So Nice (summer samba)”

xenzag, Jan 04 2006

Mack the Knife, not Jack the Ripper http://www.culturev...ater/Threepenny.htm
...and I'm not sure about the juggling, but this is a sure antidote to saccharinity. But not this production - a) it ended more than five years ago; b) it wasn't very good, according to this review. [DrCurry, Jan 04 2006]

Jack the Ripper on stage http://www.indielon...ipper-jermyn-street
Doesn't mention if there was any dance. But it was a musical. [DrCurry, Jan 04 2006]

The Ruling Class http://www.amazon.c...54-5677664?v=glance
Check out O'Toole's "Varsity Rag" number. Some folks think this was the BEST English film ever, which may only be a slight overstatement. It certainly has some moments. [jurist, Jan 05 2006]

Ed Gein, the musical http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1562295/
There was a (re-broadcast?) piece about it on public radio yesterday. It was so transparently promotional and exploitative, and the parody versions of popular songs that provided the score were so thin, it really ruined the music + serial killing shtick for me. [jutta, Apr 02 2012]

Repo! http://tvtropes.org...RepoTheGeneticOpera
It's side-splittingly funny. [Gallus, Apr 03 2012]

Saucy Jack - You're a Naughty One! http://www.youtube....watch?v=6Bytig-oavY
Saucy Jack - You're a Haughty One! [gnomethang, Apr 03 2012]


       <Spinal Tap>"Uncle Jack!, You're a naughty one!. Uncle Jack!, You're a haughty one! ".</Spinal Tap>"
gnomethang, Jan 04 2006

       So not "Yours Truly - Jack the Ripper"? (musical)
Shz, Jan 04 2006

       Given the success of Sweeney Todd and the Threepenny Opera, I'd say go for it. But PLEASE don't include any reference to Sherlock Holmes, which every fictional version of Jakc the Ripper I've seen tries to work in.
DrCurry, Jan 04 2006

       //it really ruined the music + serial killing shtick for me// Ha! There's no disappointment quite like that of having one's favourite serial killer the subject matter of a badly made parody.
xenzag, Apr 02 2012

       Surely one could achieve the same sense of morbid entertainment by watching Repo! The Genetic Opera?
Gallus, Apr 03 2012

       How about "Liver dance"?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 03 2012


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