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robot wolverine dance skeleton

robotic skeleton for dancing purposes.
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Are you like me? Club hopping on a friday night, surrounded by fly hunnies that want to boogie, but you can't even two-step? The solution: An endoskeleton with microcontroller-controlled accutator joints. Download the latest moves like the Macarana or its specialty "the robot" onto the 32MB (upgradeable to 128MB)compact flash card and let the R.W.D.S. teach you to shake it. You'll be the envy of the disco floor with your 48 degrees of freedom and sub-microsecond timing. Also available with bluetooth support for multiuser moves.
prometheus, Oct 04 2001

West Side Story http://www.geocitie...8479/westlyrics.htm
Here you are - although I dread to think what you're going to do to my favourite musical! [Viennoise, Oct 04 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       (Imagines 40 people line dancing via wireless)   

       What happens if someone hacks your suit? "Police arrested a man at a local nightclub when he apparently went on a rampage across the dancefloor. Onlookers report that the man - with a surprised look on his face - appeared to be in a 'dance frenzy'. Ten patrons of the club are reported to be hospitalized with minor injuries. Film at 11."
phoenix, Oct 04 2001

       What I want to see, now, is the West Side Story style dance-off between the Robot Wolverine Dance Skeleton and the Mosh-Buddy Pogo-Weebles, as typically 1/2B reinventions of the Jets and the Sharks. I can't see even UnaBubba rewriting "When You're a Jet." and getting it to scan, though... "When You're a Robot Wolverine Dance Skeleton...", anyone?   

       Croissant, anyway.
Guy Fox, Oct 05 2001

       (Well, I had to step in first. Hope you like... I think that 'Robotic' may be the wrong word, I'd rather this skeletal dancing aid was more fluid and graceful)

There's a dance for us,
Somewhere a dance for us.
Tunes and lighting and smoky air
It’s for us
There's a space for us,
Limited space for us.
Tread on toes and you’ll get nowhere,
It’s time to learn, time to care
Some day!
We'll find a new way of dancing,
Will find there's a right way of grooving
Somewhere...There's a club for us,
A bar and dance floor crush.
Hold my hand and we're halfway there
Hold my hand and I'll take you there
Somehow...Some day...Somewhere!
Viennoise, Oct 05 2001

       As usual, I'm missing something. Where does the wolverine come in?
angel, Oct 05 2001

       Think X-Men, angel.
DrBob, Oct 05 2001

       Thank you. That doesn't explain it, but it does at least explain why I need to have it explained. (Thinks: X-Men... that's a Superman-genre comic-book and now a film, isn't it? [Don't read comic-books {not since Eagle at age 13 anyway}, rarely watch films.])
angel, Oct 05 2001

       Ah, right then. The Wolverine character in X-Men has a metal-laced (the oft abused adamantium, actually) endo-skeleton.
DrBob, Oct 05 2001

       The only problem is that it was only Wolverine's mutant healing ability that kept him from being killed by his own skeleton, som epoison or something. This is what I get for hanging out with a comic book geek for half my life.
CoolerKing, Oct 05 2001

       Croissant for you, prometheus - not just for the idea, but for your inclusion of the necessary upgrade option. You wouldn't want to be caught busting J-Lo moves next year, for example, when everybody else is doing parodic imitations of Michael Jackson's sweet moonwalk.   

       Fyi, I'm pretty sure that this is already baked. I can distinctly recall two guys who seemed to be testing the beta version: one, a German in a North England club in 1987, who had an odd physical reaction to an Erasure track that was mixed into Mission UK; two, a California guy at a Massachusetts wedding in 1992, who got his intense groove on for about sixty seconds. Both were the cute-computer-geek type, the type of guy who's just cool enough to be secretly testing a downloadable animatronic endoskeleton.   

       I'd toss in two croissants, if you could guarantee that the endoskeleton could enable the user to do the horizontal mambo equally well ...
1percent, Oct 05 2001

       What about the old beat detection problems? How does the endoskeleton keep time?
jabbers, Oct 06 2001

       Considering that the two-step is done by brain damaged inbreds <It consists of standing in a line with a bunch of other 'people', taking two steps to one side or the other and going 'Woo', then doing the same thing in the other direction>, you'd have to be one Sad Bastard to need this that badly...
StarChaser, Oct 06 2001

       what you describe is line-dancing
po, Oct 06 2001

       What with this & tie aversion, I'm beginning to think that I've got more in common with StarChaser than I'd previously thought.
DrBob, Oct 06 2001

       Po: Actually, you're right.   

       Two-step is for people who can't manage to form a line...
StarChaser, Oct 07 2001

       [UB] //You've been out clubbing your arse off (now there's an image...//
So you haven't seen that Robbie Williams film clip where he's stripping in the middle of a club, gets bare naked, and then starts ripping his own flesh, then muscles off. Does anybody remember the one I'm talking about?
sdm, Oct 08 2001

       How geeky does it make me when I read 'www.vfxpro.com' as a Visual FoxPro site?
phoenix, Oct 17 2001

       //Two-step is for people who can't manage to form a line...//   

       Actually, the two-step can be much more involved and just as good as many other styles of dancing, if done by someone who knows what they're doing.   

       (Nice idea by the way... croissant)
PotatoStew, Dec 12 2001

       Don't worry [phoenix], I thought the same thing...
barnzenen, Dec 13 2001

       reminds of the Wallace & Grommit episode with robo-pants remote controlled by the evil penguin
doghouse, Dec 13 2001

       Okay, first off, it was worth getting all the way down here just to read the sentence "robo-pants remote controlled by the evil penguin". Thank you, doghouse.   

       Secondly, Wolverine is always going to have trouble with his adamantium endoskel, because an alloy composed primarily of English rock star is inherently unstable.   

       Thirdly, i rather like this idea. Then maybe all those wussy guys who stand around at clubs will figure out that girls are attracted to guys who dance. The difficulty that i see is getting people to relax enough to let the exo move them around, letting it "lead". So maybe it'd need a small contact patch with a slow release dmso/valium blend. Not too much valium, the suit doesn't want to have to carry you home, it runs the batteries down, but you see what i mean...
firelynx, Jan 28 2003

       Carrymehome exoskeletons?
madradish, Jan 28 2003

       I'd like to see a dance off with the robot and the cast of star wars -the ballet - good times
gorjabuble, Jan 07 2005

       Sp: "Necessity"
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 22 2008


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