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Robotic Mobile Portapotty

Inspired by Flocking Road Cones
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Don't you hate when there isn't a bathroom when you need one?

I was thinking that we could also install AI and mobility into a portapotty.

They would wander around and stuff, and would go back to a designated collection spot to get cleaned.

It seems that prtapotties are seen near construction sites alot, too.

DesertFox, Feb 13 2005

FRC Flocking_20Road_20Cones
FLOCKING ROAD CONES! [DesertFox, Feb 13 2005]

AfroAssault's Mobile Toilet Psychedelic_20Mobile_20Toilet_20Cube
Kinda reminds me of this, only not as hilarious. [jaksplat, Feb 13 2005]


       'Round here they chain them to something so that vandals can't tip them. I can't see that blue chemical being much good for the electronics so your probably going to have to give them the capability of defending themselves, perhaps a sprinkler mode.   

       Hahaha! Or zzzaaappppp! Electroshock them when deactivated?
DesertFox, Feb 13 2005

       Where would their intelligence tell them to wander to?
half, Feb 13 2005

       They could go sniff out some bad, um, smells?
gnomethang, Feb 13 2005

       If the portapotties could dump themselves (in the proper location), that would be a real plus.
robinism, Feb 13 2005

       They could dump into large district portapotties that then assemble at county portapotties ...
FarmerJohn, Feb 13 2005

       And throw a party for your pet. A pettypottyportaparty.
robinism, Feb 14 2005

       And if you organise them politically, dress them in Paris fashions made out of spud starch you could have the pret-a-porter potatopettyportapottyparty Party. I'd vote for them.
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 14 2005

       Once you invent this, I will be quick to invent mobilepotty surfing.   

       Whoa! Dude. Hang ten-a-potty.
Blumster, Feb 14 2005


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