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Sandbag Dominoes

play dominoes with sandbags
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Sandbag Dominoes is exactly as the name describes - ie a game of Dominoes played with sandbags. The 28 sandbags required for the game have the dot patterns printed on one side and are blank on the other.

The game begins with the two teams filling the bags with sand and sewing them shut, then moving them around face down on the ground to shuffle what becomes known in Dominoes as The Boneyard.

The game then proceeds as 'normal' with the heavy bags being placed in sequence until someone wins and the game is complete.

Reason to have Sandbag Dominoes? - you get 28 sandbags filled ready for other use. The two sets of players get a physical workout by simply playing what is usually a sedentary game.

xenzag, Jul 06 2021

(?) https://www.youtube...watch?v=qOxPBqhZEYU [xenzag, Jul 06 2021]

*Partial* list of domino games https://en.wikipedi...ist_of_domino_games
But I'm sure everyone knows THE ONE TRUE WAY !!! [a1, Jul 06 2021]

International_20Dock-Yard_20Dominoes [xenzag, Jul 06 2021]



       But can you stand up a row of them to topple?
a1, Jul 06 2021

       That would be the sand and cement version.
xenzag, Jul 06 2021

       Sandbags don’t seem to be the greatest thing for toppling over as [a1] mentioned. I’m thinking 12”x 6” patio pavers would work much better! They already look like giant dominoes except they don’t have dots on them…yet.   

       now I’m thinking of a Domino Patio.
xandram, Jul 06 2021

       I've already proposed container ship dominoes. The sand bag dominoes double up as sandbags of course which is the whole point....
xenzag, Jul 06 2021

       // ... for toppling ... 12”x 6” patio pavers would work much better! //   

       Okay, but you're thinking small. Switch to 12x6 FEET instead of inches and you'll really have something.
a1, Jul 06 2021

       I've already proposed bigger ones than that. (read all the annotations then look for the idea) Dominoes is an actual game you know. You play it according to a set of rules. (link)
xenzag, Jul 06 2021

       There are dozens - if not hundreds - of ways to play dominos. Most are layout games, but toppling should certainly qualify.
a1, Jul 06 2021

       // I've already proposed bigger ones than that //   

       The largest on record was 30x15 feet. Got something bigger?
a1, Jul 06 2021

       40ft shipping containers as posted in link
xenzag, Jul 06 2021

       Why stop at shipping containers, there are plenty of container ships anchored off ports. Use different coloured containers to create the dots patterns, and then manoeuvre the ships to play the game.
pocmloc, Jul 06 2021

       I've done that one too, only for a digital clock with the ships forming the numerals. Don't actually remember if I ever posted it here, (will check later) but it's in my notebook along with the drawings and shipping company letter of proposal. I only post some of my ideas here that seem to fit the parameters of the hb. I keep most for other purposes.
xenzag, Jul 06 2021

       This could get complicated if you're using the Sandbag Dominoes as actual sand bags.
"Anyone got a double-3? I need to form a tee to bag both the house and the garage!"
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 06 2021

       // Got something bigger?//   

       California Condominoes?
Too soon?..


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