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Rooftop cupholder

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Busy sleepy people run to their cars coffee and briefcase in hands use the top of their car as a shelf before rummaging pockets for keys or fob. With this new innovation the cup or mug is secured in a cup holder conveniently placed above the drivers door.

When the coffee is too hot just drive with it in the device. Or just forget it and drive the whole way with it up there.

evilpenguin, Nov 11 2015


       [+] needed. I'll take the tray as well.
FlyingToaster, Nov 11 2015

       You'll need two. One on each side. For two cups of coffee. Amen.
blissmiss, Nov 11 2015

       "In the beginning, there was one cup of coffee..."
hippo, Nov 11 2015

       When hyperinflation hits, coffee should be the new currency, the way cigarettes were in concentration camps. That way, you could just keep your waterproof pockets filled with coffee and people could siphon it, the way diesel will be siphoned by survivalists.
4and20, Nov 11 2015

       I thought this would be for when you were quietly enjoying the view from the roof of your house. Or taking a short break from mopping the solar panels. Or something.
pertinax, Nov 11 2015

       //If hyperinflation comes this way, we’ll see people walking with civets // At least their owners will pick up the droppings
evilpenguin, Nov 11 2015

       [Ian] Has your account been taken over by Chis Eubank?
hippo, Nov 11 2015


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