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Roomba Jolly Walker

Hope your child is not scared of the vacuum!
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A kiddie walker that is a vacuum. I know this idea sucks but to say my kids make a mess wherever they go is an understatement. Kind of like the pedal powered vacuum mentioned some days ago. Seriously I wish I could post a photo of how messy my house is right now and gets messy faster than you could clean it. As I am typing this my 2 yr old actually said "I can make a mess... I can make a mess right Daddy!?' Well you can now thanks to your new Roomba walker.
Brian the Painter, Jan 05 2013

Kiddy walker http://juniorshoppi...-palace-walker.html
[normzone, Jan 05 2013]

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       I don't understand your lingo, what is a kiddie walker?
evilpenguin, Jan 05 2013

       This is funny because they are outlawed due to danger. Basically a kiddie walker as described by me is just a child seat suspended over wheels. The Roomba Walker would be even more dangerous as its powered by a Roomba vac. I suppose the tagline could also read "Hope your children aren't scared of stairs (or pain).
Brian the Painter, Jan 05 2013

       Well, if the wheels of the walker were enringed, and the ring was the actual vacuum cleaner (so, not a disc shape, but a much bigger donut shape), then the kid walks around in the "hole" of the cleaning ring. No matter which way he or she goes, the cleaning ring can get whatever mess that is dropped in the central area.
Vernon, Jan 06 2013

       Oh. Thanks to the picture I understand. Question, does this drive your child on a spiral shape like a roomba drive pattern? Or does it use the kids walking for locomotion?   

       Not to make you invention evil or dangerous, but I think the vacuum motor would need to be AC and run off a power cord. Roombas have a very small suction area and several ingenious brushes. Sounds like this idea would need more suction to pick up, say cheerios.
evilpenguin, Jan 06 2013

       I say Yay [+] kids that clean!
xandram, Jan 06 2013

       new 24V Lithium Ion Batteries used in leaf blowers should work. Hell just tie the leaf blower to the kid whilst on the walker ad whoosh.... two problems solved.
Brian the Painter, Jan 06 2013


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