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The Catastrophe Resort

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Life too boring? Book a vacation at The Catastrophe Resort, a perfectly normal looking resort hotel. You'll enjoy a full service restaurant, amply stocked bar, and luxurious pool area....until the bad news comes! At some point, a carefully crafted news flash will arrive, announcing that some horrible catastrophe has occured somewhere in the world. (Aliens have taken New York! Mt Rainer has erupted!) You can then retreat to your room and watch our faux-CNN, faux-FOX News, and faux-MSNBC replay details of the event on loving detail. Our in-room internet does proxy redirect to versions of news.google.com and various blogs rewritten by our crack Catastrophe staffers. After a few days of full-time worry about the big one hitting California, or Hoover Dam breaching, you'll go back home refreshed and marvelling at how safe the real world is!
tspyz, Oct 03 2006


       //the big one hitting California//   

       Are you sure that qualifies as a catastrophe? Interesting idea [+].
augusta, Oct 03 2006

       Oh, man. And then the resort could be used in a movie where a catastrophy really happens, and you'd be flipped on what was really going on for like half the movie. There would be two catasrophies like one is aliens and the other is volcanos, and you're thinking that the aliens are the fake one, but then someone gets eaten by an alien so you think that the aliens are real now, but then someone gets eaten by a volcano so now you are just confused.
daseva, Oct 03 2006

       Maybe the aliens are volcans.
imaginality, Oct 04 2006

       ////the big one hitting California//   

       Are you sure that qualifies as a catastrophe? //   

       Hey! I resemble that remark! Moreover, I can assure you, it isn't the worst place in the world... well, aside from that blight on the world which is known as LA...
ye_river_xiv, Oct 04 2006


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