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Round bottom Beer Mugs

All beer mugs at a bar will have round bottoms.
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A bar could use round bottom beer mugs to ensure that customers ALWAYS have a beer in hand. Not being able to set down a beer will cause the customers to remember their beers, and drink them faster. The bar will sell more alcohol.

Although this is inconvenient for the customers, it could be leveraged by the bar owner using the popularity/ demand for the particular bar. One could switch to round bottomed beer glasses after their bar became popular, to sell more beer, after there was already a large clientele base.

Alternately, the bar could only use such beer mugs on certain occasions, when they know attendance will be high. Maybe in conjunction with lower beer prices to lure in customers. The bar could also only use them on weekends, etc..

This idea would probably only be useful in a college town, or other suitable venue, where the customers don't sit and talk, but are there to get drunk.

A mug recovery bin would need to be used, to collect empty mugs -- the ones that aren't going to be refilled.

Rings to hold mugs could be at the bar for the use of the bartenders only. (while filling multiple mugs, for instance)

The mug recovery bin should be such that nobody would willingly put their mug into the device if they planned to use it again, or to congregate around it and let it hold their beers for them.

sonyuser, Oct 22 2003

(?) Round bottom drinking glasses. http://www.wordwiza...iscuss.asp?Num=4834
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 04 2004]

(??) Kwak Beer http://www.abh-ace....-beer/part5_en.html
Scroll mid-way down to 'Pauwel Kwak'. Great beer, BTW. [shibolim, Oct 04 2004]


       Why don't you just fill a trough at the bar with beer and charge a cover fee?
k_sra, Oct 22 2003

       You could couple this notion with a dimpled bar and bar tables, to allow the round bottomed glasses to sit safely. If the hollows were deep enough - that is, if they had an inch or so of straight side before the concave base - then you could eliminate the "you spilled my pint" problem prevalent in low budget UK sitcoms.
calum, Oct 22 2003

       Alternatively, just buy a packet of Polos before going out drinking. Instant minty beermats.
lostdog, Oct 22 2003

       Can't see it working since beer drinkers are such slow learners. Case in point: when the long neck replaced the stubby years ago, everyone I know bashed their teeth for ages after. Now the stubby is back, these same people are pouring beer down their fronts quite consistently.   

       Not me. Friends of mine.
lintkeeper2, Oct 22 2003

       My mother in law has a set of these believe it or not. They have a ridge around the bottom to keep them from falling all the way over and the lip is made on a slant so that the weight of the extra glass always keeps the glass tilted in a way that doesn't let the liquid spill.
When I tried to find a link I found out that glasses used to be made this way to prevent bar fights, (can't set down your drink, can't brawl), and that's why they are called tumblers. [link]

       Wouldn't the constant tipping over and spilling lead to increased sales (ooooh woopsh wherzma pint gone? Better gerranurra one!) And couldn't the decor of said salubrious establishment be a sort of steel grate over drainage pit to cope with the increased spillage? Could also be hosed out!
Peticelli, Oct 22 2003

       It would be very annoying, and what if you must go to the bathroom? I guess you would need to finish your beer first. It would be a drag to light cigarrets as well with matches among other things
SmartyPants, Oct 23 2003


       Attatch a heated holder near the bathroom, so it heats up your drink the longer it sits, thus preventing people from using it excessively.
Alx_xlA, Oct 11 2008


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