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Strip Club

for line dancing
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This is a night club with a linear design, so that you progress through it from a start point towards an end point.

This provides the operator with more creative control of the experience so that, for example, the music (and lighting) in different parts of the club could be related in the same way as different movements of a symphony.

The dance floors should be made up of travelators at different speeds, some of them barely moving at all. Sometimes you would be overtaken on the inside by a cocktail bar.

At the end would be the option of a return journey on a poorly-lit underground monorail with subdued white noise piped in to soothe the incipient tinnitus, and small Irish coffees concealed in random nooks.

This is to be built near the sea, where a tidal barrage, instead of generating electricity, will be geared directly into the travelators.

Dress code: no jam or bees.

pertinax, May 17 2008

will need these for full functionality Irish_20Coffee_20Holder
[pertinax, May 17 2008]


       i like it... but i don't know why and that worries me.
FlyingToaster, May 17 2008

       Will you build a version of this in Las Vegas ?
8th of 7, May 17 2008

       Is this a travelator bar, or a bar for line-dancing strippers? Both, perhaps?
andrew1, May 18 2008

       No, no, no, it's only "strip" as in "strip mall", and "line dancing" as in "dancing along a line". Never mind.
pertinax, May 18 2008

       //Sometimes, you would be overtaken on the inside by a cocktail bar//   

wagster, May 18 2008


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