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Safe Glasses for Drunken Fuckwits

Make pub glassware out of tempered glass.
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Tempered glass crumbles into small pebbles when broken, rather than into the sharp shards of conventional glass. These pebbles are ineffectual as weaponry, except possibly as sand thrown in an opponents eyes.
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 14 2006

Tempered Glass http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Tempered_glass
Description of types of glass. [Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 14 2006]

The inspiration Prepare_20for_20the_20Glass_20Ban
An alternative proposal to this. [Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 14 2006]


       Alternatively, you could assume that anyone who stumbles and cuts himself on a glass is too drunk to keep drinking, and deserves whatever he gets.
shapu, Apr 14 2006

       Drunken Fuckwits will swallow these pebbles and cost our NHS, and variations thereof, thousands.
methinksnot, Apr 14 2006

       I've just emailed Bill Oddie to reassure him that drunken fuckwits are NOT an endangered species...
po, Apr 14 2006

       <twee aussie accent> Crikey! We are stalking the not rare, but certainly odd American Drunken Fuckwit. We will be tagging and releasing them here on this beach is Southern Florida to study their social and mating habits. Hope you all have a strong stomach! </twee aussie accent>
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 14 2006

       ? BO <smells gorgeous> is a lancashire lad
po, Apr 14 2006

       But tag-and-releasing drunken fuckwits is more the sort of thing that the late Steve Irwin would have done - I think that's Galbinus' reference.
pertinax, Apr 16 2007

       Wouldn't these occasionally shatter in the dishwasher and destroy the pump? So better to use the glass that Hollywood uses: candy glass, which is actually sugar. Breaking the mug and eating the shards would be so impressive that the other fellow would run away.
ldischler, Apr 16 2007

       When I were a barmaid in days gone by (in the UK), all the glasses *were* made of safety glass. The kind that breaks into little squares. That was ten years ago. Baked.
squeak, Apr 17 2007

       I wonder if laminated glasses would be any good?
Ling, Apr 17 2007

       This is baked, I worked in a bar that had these and they were really hard to break too. Annoyingly, when they do go, like when you pour cold beer into a hot glass, they really go bang and shatter in your hand, making you look a right tit.
marklar, Apr 17 2007

       Putting cold beer in a hot glass SHOULD make you look like a right tit.
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 17 2007

       Not as much as putting hot beer in a cold glass...
Ling, Apr 18 2007

       "Drunken fuckwits". I know for a fact that I'm MUCH cleverer after a cheeky wee bottle and a half of Chablis.   

       And more gorgeous and witty.   

       Ask my wife. Her code for this condition is, "God Almighty! When are you going to grow up, you narcissistic waster?"
Murdoch, Apr 20 2007

       //they really go bang and shatter in your hand// I would so, so love this! I'd probably spend all evening with a lighter and ice cubes trying to get my glass to go bang.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 21 2007


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