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Status Bar

"Can I order a 'REC TRK EXT OVR' please?"
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A bar in a techy/business location, designed to appeal to techy types.

You can also visit this bar to numb the pain after injuring yourself badly whilst attempting to simultaneously drink and plane some wood in the "Tool Bar" next door.
hippo, Mar 23 2005


       Is this a place you go to drink and compare your position in the pecking order?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 23 2005

       A bun just for the idea to get the techy's in one place
Susan, Mar 23 2005

       Suggested alternate name (for MUDders): DrinkCon
shapu, Mar 23 2005

       Toolbar, I'll be there.
zeno, Mar 23 2005

       Why [Susan]? What are you planning to do to them once you've got them there?
wagster, Mar 23 2005

       What [wagster] said.
zeno, Mar 25 2005

       I spent a few days packing stuff for the annual conference of maths teachers. Me and my pals theorised that if we blew them all up, Scotland would have a serious maths teacher shortage. Shame the Taleban weren't available that day. (Coincidently, it was packing gear for the conference gave me my first idea, the toe shuffle.)   

       BEFORE anyone takes this too seriously, I was KIDDING.   

       DISCLAIMER: I will not be held responsible if anyone tries to actually do this, plus by the time the next one comes round, I'll be back in Australia.   

       I wonder if Aussie maths teachers hold an annual conference...
froglet, Mar 25 2005

       Do math(s) teachers pose a serious threat to the Taliban...? I would have thught them more likely to hit, say, lap dance teachers.
DrCurry, Mar 25 2005

       Almost every bar I've been to in recent times has been a Tool Bar.   

       [froglet] - don't forget your wepaons of m... never mind.
Detly, Mar 26 2005

       No more and no less than members of the Taliban. I was theorizing.
DrCurry, Mar 26 2005

       [wagster]: leave them there.
Susan, Sep 09 2005


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