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Skull master

I must have beer on the brain today.
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An evoloution of beer bongs in bars is the skull master machine, this is where two opponents go head to head in a skulling competition from a machine that measures the amount each person has drunk and then declares a winner.

This machine would be exceedingly lucrative as it would pump beer down a flexible tube and sensors in the mouth peice would keep pumping beer down when there is a mouth on it, but as soon as there is nothing on the mouth peice the beer flow stops. skullers pay for a chosen time worth of beer, this is alot of beer and not many people would be able to drink for 20 seconds straight, but to sombody who is on the town especially one that already has a few under their belt will think that as much as you can drink in 20 seconds is a great idea and will stick in their 8 bucks, only to find that they feel bloted by the time 10 seconds is up and they have to have a breather.

This takes advantage of peoples competitive nature and I know some of my friends would gladly pay 8 bucks to prove themselves.

Once the skulling has finished the mouthpeice goes back inside the machine and gets washed and sterilized for the next person.

Because people pay for 20, 30, 40 or a minute worth of beer and they wont be able to drink all of it you will come out way infront at the end of the day, and because of the competition aspect people will keep comming back for rematches.

Gulherme, Nov 04 2002


       In the U.S., a bar can be held responsible if it serves a patron too much alcohol, if the patron's drunkenness leads to an accidental death. Not likely to be a big seller here.
dbsousa, Oct 24 2003

       there was something similar to this in flagstaff arizona, you pay $5.00 to sit in a barber chair with your head tilted back, and the bartender would pour your favorite hard liquor down your throat untill you signaled that you've had enough. true story. but they allways stopped before I signaled, I guess it was a rule that could not kill anyone. I wish they had spellcheck on this damed thing.
cornpad, Aug 07 2004


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