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smokers/pukers teethguard

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For peole who smoke, they could wear something like the invisiline braces so thier teeth dont get stained, whenever they smoke. Would also work for people who puke up thier food to stay thin! (I dont know how to spell it, I think it is bulemic)
dpearce455, May 28 2003

Temporary Enamel http://www.halfbake.../Temporary_20Enamel
A perhaps better articulated and definitely more aptly named idea. [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004]


       So, you're going to start an aggressive add campaign aimed at smokers and bulimics? How depressing.
k_sra, May 28 2003

       My teeth were brown from puking until I used "l ". <demonstration/><voice-over/>Now I can binge and purge and my teeth are as white as a brand new toilet. And it doesn't fall off like the cheap imitations, so I don't have to fish around for it anymore.</voice over></demonstration> So, if you're going to blow chunks and have a cigarette afterwards, I'm telling you to go straight to "l".
thumbwax, May 28 2003

       At least you'll never forget what aisle it's in in the drugstore.
phundug, May 28 2003

       The aim of this product might be depressing, but bulimics and smokers do exist, and I actually think it is a good idea. Lots of supermodels and athletes are bulimic, and they DO need to take care of their appearance, so this "l" thing could actually work.   

       It could be a thin plastic-like pelicule that molds to your teeth, or some sort of enamel that, after being applied, gets more solid but can easily be peeled off after smoking, puking, or both... or whatever (damn, this is depressingly useful).
Pericles, May 28 2003

       that right there is exactly the problem [pericles]. do we really want to enable such destructive behavior? Maybe one or two models have already decided to stop wasting away their bodies by puking up their food because they noticed their teeth getting stained. THINK, PEOPLE!

don't get me started on this, i have quite a few friends with eating disorders, and it's sad.
igirl, May 28 2003

       My sister had an eating disorder too when she was a teenager, and I know how sad it is. I see where you are coming from [igirl], and althought I agree with you I am aware that not everyone will, and that each individual must have the right to live their lives however they please, although their ideas and values don't meet yours and regardless of how wrong we might think they are. They should have the right to have nice teeth whatever their disorders are.   

       I am a smoker and we're not going to discuss whether it's good or bad (not again, PLEEEEEASE!). I'd like my disgusting habit to be respected... and I'd like to have the right to have clean, white teeth just like everyone else.
Pericles, May 28 2003

       Smoke a toothbrush.
skinflaps, May 29 2003

       Wonder how long it will take until someone posts "Teeth Whitening Tobacco"?
silverstormer, May 29 2003

       'wax's advert definitely has me sold on this thing. Whatever it is.
DrBob, May 29 2003

       This is pretty damn crazy. The smoking aspect is not too bad, but please, supporting the right of a bulimic to destroy his/her body. That will increase the purging, hell, it'll make it fun, trying out new toothpaste and deodorant is kind of fun. We don't market razor blades manufactured to tear through the skin on wrists, or bullets that have an adverse chemical reaction on the human body. Use the money potentially spent on this shit to educate and treat men and women with this problem As for smokers, give it to em, they'll die even faster and Social Security wont be depleted when I am 65. Smoking is just plain stupid. Choosing to smoke is a hopeless exercise of a right.
ukbrutus, May 29 2003

       so whats your weakness, ukb?   

       truth or dare!
po, May 29 2003

       my weakness? I drink. Moderate amounts dont seem to be too destructive
ukbrutus, May 29 2003

       hey you are among friends - fess up, whats your real weakness?
po, May 29 2003

       i think thats it
ukbrutus, May 29 2003

       you mean my vice? i think that is it
ukbrutus, May 29 2003

       note to self: Don't bother with kryptonite. [ukbrutus] has no weaknesses.
Worldgineer, May 29 2003

       Wasnt there an idea around here somewhere about some sort of kevlar paint-on polish for teeth? Like clear, bulletproof nail polish. That stuff would work well for this application.
bungston, May 29 2003

       That's an idea. But why use clear? I'm thinking a deep blue would look nice with my tie.
Worldgineer, May 29 2003

       [per] Any decision you make has its own bad consequences. You stay up too late on the HB, you have a hard time getting up in the morning. You smoke, you get stained teeth and black lungs (i'll try to respect the smoking as much as i can- me mum smokes quite a bit too). Claiming that everyone has the right to whatever they want can be very dangerous. Despite my young age (and frequent mistakes) I do think we should all deal with the good AND bad consequences of our decisions. Obviously, bulimia has more bad side effects than others, and stopping the behavior stops the continuation of bad effects. same goes for smoking. let's not remove consequences from our vocabularies.
igirl, May 29 2003

       Someone hand fogfreak a new biorhythm, please - his old one is low right now.
thumbwax, May 30 2003

       Well, to begin, smoking is a bad habit, so encouraging smokers to take a few more whiffs could possibly help with the Social Security depletion estimates (It would run out in 2025, so I'd be 38; that's not good!). But I disagree with this idea because you would be encouraging people to kill themselves by smoking and you would be trying to help bulemic girls with their problems.
darkknight_152002, Jul 24 2003

       i don't really think this is a good idea. It's like you're encouraging bulemics and smokers! I don't think it's right. Sorry.
bmwrox, Aug 06 2003

       It is not the inventors' responsibility to repair societies flawwed individuals. A problem like this just exists. For Gawdsake....people! There is a web-site on 'how-to- kill- yourself!! Also who are we to judge? I used to get a nice 'head-buzz' on cigarettes. Maybe this puking thing is more fun than it appears, perhaps a pleasent dizzy-woozy feeling all over? Why isn't it being practiced by folks with real weight issues? This not a curative invention, just one addressing on- going problems.
Cosmo, Aug 29 2003

       This seems to be a debate about whether ethics should have influence on capitalism and if so, how much. Amoral products are everywhere and many worse than this one. I would worry more about fingerprint resistant guns or fake IDs before this.   

       However, it is horrible, so -
stilgar, Oct 07 2004


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