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Rub Out The Lines

the opposite of join up the dots
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Rub Out The Lines is a book of printed images where each page is a mass of straight lines, curved lines and numbered dots. Some of the lines have been printed using a graphite based ink which can be easily rubbed out using a variety of standard erasers - ie some thick and some fine for detail.

To reveal and enjoy the image, you must rub out the lines which connect the dots together according to a set of instructions.

xenzag, Oct 18 2007

Erased De Kooning http://www.tate.org.../erasuregenteel.htm
Robert Rauschenberg's rubbing out of a drawing by Willem de Kooning [xenzag, Oct 18 2007]


       Comes with a special pencil. When you make a mistake, you can scribble it all out and start again.
Ling, Oct 18 2007

       not terribly original or interesting. how'd you think up this one? (although my favorite graffiti artist "draws" by erasing)
k_sra, Oct 18 2007

       //not terribly original// meaning someone else has already thought of it, which I will accept and delete accordingly upon your presentation. As for not being interesting - what can I say? We all have different interests.
xenzag, Oct 18 2007

       + I think it would be fun, esp. if the lines were terribly complicated and overlapping.
xandram, Oct 19 2007

       And the 3d version would be a statue packed in clay for you to carefully remove with toothpick and teaspoon?
the dog's breakfast, Oct 19 2007

       Wasn't there a type of kids' lollipop thing where they had to lick away the candy to reveal some kind of toy? Or was that someone's idea elsewhere on the 1/2b? (dog's anno brought this to mind right after the thought of a statue packed in chocolate flew through)
Canuck, Oct 19 2007


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