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Ryder Cup for Crazy Golf

It's a simple game in need of international competition
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Like it's bigger brother, the Ryder Cup for Crazy Golf, sees two teams of crazy golfers assembled from the pick of the world's top players to play in this bi- annual event.

The top european players, fresh from Order of Merit wins on the european crazy golf tour, should be captained by [Gnomethang], who notes hill holes and tunnels as his particular crazy golf speciality. [Gnome], who is a playing captain fresh from a victory at the Hastings Masters, recently grew a Sam Torrance style, inpirational moustache ready for the cup. The fairytale rise from club player to international also sees [Loris], who won the Skegness Masters event in 2005, join the European team for the first time. The scandinavians, well known for their skills in the big and little game, had just the one representative this year in [Farmerjohn], who also designs crazy golf courses in the Middle East. [hippo], rich from a 10% cut of winnings, has been a pro-caddie to pro-crazees for several years and will be joining the cup as a bag-carrier-cum- ice-cream-fetcher.

(Colin Montogomerie will get place in the team, despite never actually winning anything)

The US team should be captained by [k_sra], a crazy golf wonderkid. Since her debut as a 15year old, she's been competing non-stop, winning some remarkable tournaments. This years surprise player, a wild-card pick, was [Shz] who many class as a "classy amateur", but has demonstrated a handy touch in practise, specially with the water holes.

Naturally, the cup will be played alternatively on both sides of the Atlantic at the homes of crazy golf : Blackpool (UK) and Lots-of-Balls, Vermont (US).

May the best continent/country win.

jonthegeologist, Feb 01 2006

Some crazy golf shots from Order of Merit games http://images.googl...D%3Aen&q=crazy+golf
[jonthegeologist, Feb 01 2006]

Sam Torrance http://www.tribunei...002/20021001/s1.jpg
[calum, Feb 01 2006]

Lots o' balls (Vermont) http://www.agilityn...om/minigolf/vt.html
This was the last place I played crazy golf [hippo, Feb 01 2006]

Shameless self plug that might help the ambience at this event. Amateur_20Sports_20Commentary
[gnomethang, Feb 01 2006]

find the ace man... http://www.miniaturegolfer.com/
[po, Feb 01 2006]

I thought that he was zentom's brother, po!. http://theleopard.m....com/journal/item/9
Clearly not in the same league! [gnomethang, Feb 01 2006]

Crazy golf terms http://www.miniatur...lf_terminology.html
[WorldCrazyGolfChamp, Feb 02 2006]

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       I take it that [gnome] will be growing a Sam Torrance-style inspirational moustache. Without it, we are lost. Especially with Monty on our team.
calum, Feb 01 2006

       [calum]. Edited. Good point, well presented.
jonthegeologist, Feb 01 2006

       Oh, to be a caddie on the Crazy Golf Pro Tour!
hippo, Feb 01 2006

       [hippo] Edited. Ta.
jonthegeologist, Feb 01 2006

       [Murdoch] Not baked. This not an competition for international players, but rather a competition between continents/countries.   

       What you've linked to is the Crazy golf equivalent of the US Masters. This is ooo sooo different.
jonthegeologist, Feb 01 2006

       //Oh, to be a caddie // Is the guy who carries the little plastic things golfers use to place their balls on a tee caddy?
coprocephalous, Feb 01 2006

       Oh, to be a dancing gopher.
skinflaps, Feb 01 2006

       oh, to be able to bow to [skinflap]'s wishes and add him in ...
jonthegeologist, Feb 01 2006

       Jon, it would be an honour to adopt the hirsuite magnificence of Sam's facial hair in order to take on this challenging, yet potentially rewarding, position.
I would be a bit disappointed if I could not be a 'playing captain' as I am, frankly, a demon at crazy golf.
I can recommend Hastings sea front which has (had?) a world class course.
Could we also employ my first HB idea (linky - misunderstood by some but an idea whose time is ripe, I feel)?.
gnomethang, Feb 01 2006

       edit to make [gnomethang] a playing captain. I mean, what with the experience he has ...
jonthegeologist, Feb 01 2006

gnomethang, Feb 01 2006

       ... now you've got me? You'll have to explain!
jonthegeologist, Feb 01 2006

       The old music hall tradition of saying "I thank you!" was with a nasal twang. Various people have suggested that you can hold your nose and say the words to create the same effect.
It was Stephen Fry, in a letter to the Daily Telegraph some years ago who suggested that all this is unnecessary:
All that you need to do is pronounce the word "nightingale" in the Queen's English.
Works for me!.
gnomethang, Feb 01 2006

       Hastings has three world class courses on the seafront and another, my favourite, just off the seafront.   

       Forgive me but I've actually been badgering (in the past) the USPMGA to take us Brits on (BMGA) in a Ryder cup style competition for years. They declined. More recently they have declared that it happens at the US Open anyway.   

       BTW I would like to be the first resident Pro at a crazy golf course - any ideas on how to achieve this gratefully received!
WorldCrazyGolfChamp, Feb 01 2006

       thats UnaBubba in disguise...   

       you created the account for that?! hah!   

       I'm bloody useless but I'd love to be Gnome's tea caddy
po, Feb 01 2006

       I suspect that you need to present your particulars!. After all, your account was created today, yet you claim to be WorldCrazyGolfChamp.
Go on!, Which picture in [Murdoch]'s link has got you in it?!!.
gnomethang, Feb 01 2006

       www.miniaturegolfer.com matey. I'm the Ace Man
WorldCrazyGolfChamp, Feb 01 2006

       hey, s'funny. bet he is serious...   

       hey man, use the link button.
po, Feb 01 2006

       I suspoected that this was the case - I was trying to find the Multiply link.   

       I am aware that he may be serious, I merely suggested he present his credentials, which he has done.
Allow me to put them up as a link.

       *edit* Ah, thank you Po, m'dear - where does one sign up? Another edit! - I think I have the wrong guy!
gnomethang, Feb 01 2006

       I didn't mean to crash your party. Just fascinated with the ideas.
WorldCrazyGolfChamp, Feb 01 2006

       hey welcome - stick around till you're bored...   

       <stifles grin>
po, Feb 01 2006

       There are a number of parallels with reality here which I haven't figured out if they're genuine yet.
WorldCrazyGolfChamp, Feb 01 2006

       Welcome indeed to such an august individual. Betcha googled here!.
gnomethang, Feb 01 2006

       I'm surprised it shows up in google so quickly, if that were the case. Welcome [WorldcrazyGolfChamp].
jonthegeologist, Feb 01 2006

       Ah Sandbanks. Now I begin to understand. The ebay sofa, the autographed picture of .....
WorldCrazyGolfChamp, Feb 01 2006

       But the idea of selling your brothers autographed picture on ebay - Shameless self-publicity - I think. That sofa, never seen HOT girls, but still a piece of work.
WorldCrazyGolfChamp, Feb 01 2006

       To the point - creating a crazy golf hole, including a green out of a piece of furniture. Can it be done?
WorldCrazyGolfChamp, Feb 01 2006

       Ah, one of the parts of golf I'm good at. Count me in.
Shz, Feb 02 2006

       [Shz]. Edited. [Unabubba] - can you trace your ancestry back to Europe or the US? If so, a place on the team could be yours. I mean, you seem to know one end of a club from the other...
jonthegeologist, Feb 02 2006

       I'm an American with European ancestry. I'm so confused.
Shz, Feb 02 2006

       Last year my wife-to-be and I did a tour of the crazy golf courses of Skegness. Joy of joys, I actually won a free round, (so did my wife, in a different round). Maybe I should mention that on my CV.
Loris, Feb 02 2006

       Edit. [Loris] in the squad as clearly he has form. Skeggy is a tough course.
jonthegeologist, Feb 02 2006

       Thats why I mentioned Hastings - it was about 18 years ago, but I won four free rounds on the spin!.
gnomethang, Feb 02 2006

       Thanks for the recognition [gnome], though it has taken me until now to discover it!   

       In your ASC:
'Yes David, a hard day for Clive here at the Banks and er, I was having a word with the groundsman about the shot-limit abolition and the bowles-esque concept of aiming at your opponent's ball earlier today, and John simply said, "It's not mini-golf, it's crazy-golf." Fine words.'
theleopard, Dec 05 2006


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