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SS-Radio Recorder

Solid State Radio Recorder
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The solid state radio allows the pre-set recording of radio shows to a hard drive for delayed listening. It is crucial that there are no tapes, because they are hopeless and obsolescent. Just like the Tivo, maybe it can learn our tastes and record our favourite shows each week? Ideally, the resultant MP3 files could download to our MP3 players. It seems strange that we have been able to record TV with the VCR for decades but not with the radio. Or have I missed something?
ampersand, Jan 18 2003

(?) Radio Program Recorder http://www.radioprogramrecorder.com/
No sign of learning features, but otherwise baked. Not a bad idea, though. [Monkfish, Oct 21 2004]

TiVo Car Radio http://www.halfbake.../TiVo_20Car_20Radio
related bakery idea [krelnik, Oct 21 2004]

Modular Technologies http://www.hhosting...dsheets/DAB_PCI.htm
DAB only, requies PCI slot. Works well (Sorry, consumer advice). [8th of 7, Oct 21 2004]


       (resisting urge to make Nazi joke)
snarfyguy, Jan 18 2003

       Digital TV, in Britain at least, lets you listen to radio stations via your TV tuner. Simply connect your TiVo, record the radio, and hey presto! A grossly over-the-top solution.   

       (<stereotyping>Incidentally, only luddites listen to talk radio with actual programs, at least when they're at home, because they're scared of that newfangled invention the television set. And such a demographic is ill-disposed towards digital video recorders or any technology more advanced than eight-track tapes.</stereotyping>)
kropotkin, Jan 18 2003

       /It seems strange that we have been able to record TV with the VCR for decades but not with the radio./   

       I remember way back in the eighties, we used to have these devices called Radio Cassettes. This was in the days before some bright spark at Sony made a cassette player that couldn't record. Daft idea, I said, it will never catch on. Anyway, it was in the spring of 83, I think. Or was it eighty five? No, eighty two... anyway, what's a VCR?
egbert, Jan 19 2003

       This is Baked. The Modualr Technologies PC bus radio card allows you to listen to didgital radio broadcasts via your PC and also record them straight to the hard drive. There's even a timer agent.
8th of 7, Jan 20 2003

       I thought this was a recorder special made for secret services radio transmissions, so that you can have fun while listening to their plans and secrets... made me think of the german ss in the middle 40's and hitler's voice, and all, and how it's ridiculous and funny at the same time. oh well..
sweet, Feb 24 2004

RayfordSteele, Feb 28 2011


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