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Safe Swords

Another Take on an Old Idea
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Lots of baked, crusty, almost dry sword ideas: light sabers, paintball, ice, wood, fiberglass, etc., etc. All move from a heavy, solid 'knights of the round table' sword to a light, video game-like one.

If we could get big, heavy sword fights and keep the bruises but not do permanent damage, more people would sword fight.

There should be a sword that:

1. Clangs no matter how hard you slam it into another sword, and can spark.

2. Does not cut off appendages.

Gauntlets, a neck guard and goggles are a must. But the sword needs to not cut off an unprotected arm or a hand.

I'm not sure how, perhaps shape-memory metals that can soften? Or how table saws can stop the blade with PVC if a hand touches them? A dull edge is OK... any ideas??

Bcrosby, Sep 09 2008

Sword fights aplenty http://www.sca.org/
clubbing of the sort you describe. [WcW, Sep 09 2008]

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       //I'm not sure how// umm... that's sorta the point of posting... meanwhile... "clubs ?".
FlyingToaster, Sep 09 2008

       Yeah there are lots of clubs where people do this kind of thing.
zeno, Sep 09 2008

       this is less of "new take" and more of an "old want". Wouldn't it be nice if someone could tell me how to have X. PLEASE! Maybe if you better described the context for the "sword fights" inspiring interest and creativity. Or see my link.
WcW, Sep 09 2008


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