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A CD-RW, a mini disk and a jump drive all in one
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**So basically this is my first idea submission please be kind**

CDroms hold approximately 2 hours of music or 770 MB of data. How about the creation of a mini disk with a USB connector that you can plug into your computer. It would be capable of holding up to 1 CD of music yet you could customize the playlist and when you were finished, erase the data and start again. Better yet would be to equip CD players with a USB connector where by upon insertion of the mini disk into the port, the CD player would recognize it as a regular CD and could be configured to play as a standard CD.

Bonus--The disk shaped USB connector could easily be put on a keychain or belt- loop thereby eliminating the need for bulky CD carriers.

If this doesn't infringe on copyright laws...I can't see what the flaws could be.

Now all I need is the know-how to build such a creation.

javajean, Nov 17 2006

Machspeed Trio Thumb Drive http://www.amazon.c...Thumb/dp/B000B5SLSM
Lightweight digital audio player doubles as voice recorder and USB mass storage drive [Alysonwonderland, Nov 17 2006]

red Ipod. http://tomshardware.../8gb_ipod_nano_red/
[po, Nov 18 2006]


       a thumb drive???
Alysonwonderland, Nov 17 2006

       wouldnt a 1Gb Ipod nano do all that for you in a smaller package.
jhomrighaus, Nov 17 2006

       It would indeed, but then you would need to suffer the indignity of owning an iPod.
fridge duck, Nov 18 2006

       As opposed to a //mini disk with a USB connector capable of holding up to 1 CD of music//.   

       I know what I'd rather have, despite my abhorence of all things white and beautiful...
jtp, Nov 18 2006

       well then your in Luck cause the come in Black to which looks soo much better.
jhomrighaus, Nov 18 2006

       They also come in Silver, Blue, Green and if you're interested: Hot Pink! :P (and up to 8GB)   

       If you've got an anti-fruit complex there's always other options...
kdmurray, Nov 18 2006

       Personally I have the 30GB Ipod with Video in Black and it is still smaller than this device would be, and it can be used as a USB drive(albiet with a cord)as well.
jhomrighaus, Nov 18 2006

       nanos also come in RED to fight AIDS in Africa.
BJS, Nov 18 2006

       now THAT is a lovely idea.
po, Nov 18 2006

       Thumb drive, definitely. Plug it into said USB port and have it play any mp3s on there. Maybe a little app could check for a playlist first. Minidiscs are history.
david_scothern, Nov 18 2006

       Dear Minidiscs,   

       You guys were OK.   


daseva, Nov 18 2006

       Newsflash! ipods (If they can't decide where to put that capital letter, I'm not going to use it) don't have a monopoly over the portable hard drive/ flash mp3 player market. They just have a crap load of advertising and a superfluous i - which lends itself to any other media they choose.   

       Anyway, back to the idea. I'm still not entirely sure I've understood it - is it a CD connected to a USB wire that fits into a CD player? Or a minidisc which plugs into a USB port on a CD player?   

       Any product these days which holds a mere 2 hours worth of music isn't likely to make it big, especially if you need to buy a new CD player with a USB port in it.
fridge duck, Nov 18 2006

       >>which holds a mere 2 hours worth of music isn't likely to make it big<<   

       Ive used less than 10% of the available storage on my player and have about 2.5 days of music.
jhomrighaus, Nov 18 2006

       I believe that ifridge was referring to the idea, not to the ipod.   

       \\They also come in Silver, Blue, Green and if you're interested: Hot Pink! :P\\ Apparently, the number one way to market a product to teenage girls is to bring out a pink version.
hidden truths, Nov 18 2006

       CD-RWs let you erase and edit music. Also, MP3 players do the same thing, and they come in smaller size than a CD ever could. Bone for the idea.
wolstech, Nov 19 2006

       I can't help thinking that [jj] intended there to be more to this idea than meets the eye. [-], but for the presentation, not the idea.
hidden truths, Nov 20 2006

       i use a thumbdrive to eliminate the compact disc. scratches are annoying too.
abhorsen1983, Jun 21 2007


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