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The Logo String Art Mandala Synthesizer

Using the Logo programming language "turtle" to make geometric musical compositions
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The Logo computer programming language has gained popularity as an educational tool, because the language is relatively simple to learn and permits the user to define commands easily.

The hallmark of the Logo language is the Logo "turtle", a cursor substitute which can be "put through the paces" of drawing diagrams and geometric shapes with established software with relative ease.

Logo can also be used to create music, through alternative software patterns. This invention, though, seeks to link up the two functions--music and design, to create a new music creation program designed specifically for the non-musician to put together musical compositions without learning musical notation.

The process of creation would be similar to use of the Logo turtle to create designs--that is, the turtle would be told to draw lines in a geometric way, resulting in a pattern or weave. This is established Logo technology.

Each pattern, though, would also have a musical secondary meaning. Each color strand would be a different note or chord, in sustain. The notes could be diatonic, to create for easy harmonics "natural" to western ears, or microtonal, to permit creation of unique and varied works in the footsteps of avant garde composers such as Harry Partch.

The key is that one would not "write a song". One would create a huge artistic spiritual piece--a "mandala" if one wishes to use the term--and then the mandala would play music.

I see this software as useful in liberating music from narrow "need to learn the notes" constructs, and instead creating new ways for the Logo turtle to illustrate life for us all. The results would be output as mp3 files, ready to share on the web with all.

Unlike some half-baked ideas, this idea could bake. But I am not even half the baker to do it.

gurdonark, Jul 11 2005

Somewhat related http://www.seeingwi...und.com/javoice.htm
Try the javascript applet. Now hit reset. Play with the numbers. You can make cool music this way and the interface is really simple and versatile. Besides the fact that it is not even meant to play music on. It is like an inverse score. [JesusHChrist, Jul 12 2005]


       Every time I try to look into Logo I get lost in the explanations of how easy it is and I lose my attention span. Can you get Logo for free? Is there a one step process for Macs?
JesusHChrist, Jul 12 2005

       Thanks for the java applet. The Logo Foundation site has free mac software.
gurdonark, Jul 12 2005

       Thank you very much for the information about Logo. I am really interested in kids and computers and would like to find an easy way to introduce kids to computers. I went to the Logo Foundation site and found a "software" called StarLogo that said it was free and worked with Macintosh computers. Is this what you were talking about? I downloaded it but I can't figure out how to work it. I am not trying to complain, I am just worried about kids learning to use this program if I can't figure out how to use it. I think I could probably figure it out if I had a lot of time to put into it but I am looking for something that kids with their short attention spans can learn on the first go round. Am I barking up the wrong tree here?
JesusHChrist, Jul 12 2005

       I know that starlogo is the "name brand" Mac product, but I am not certain how to make it run, being a windows environment user. But I know that the yahoo logos discussion group could point you in the way of easy tutorial.
gurdonark, Jul 13 2005


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