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Sandwich-box T-shirt

T-shirts that look like sandwiches (from a distance)
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I've been keeping this one to myself for a while, but since I'll never actually get around to putting it into practice, here it is.

Sandwiches, packaged up in those cute triangular boxes, are pretty expensive for what they are. You could easily buy a cheap T-shirt for the same amount of money. So it's obviously entirely logical to shrink-wrap T-shirts into those same cute little triangular boxes and sell them at music festivals, etc.? I'm thinking this would have a core market of festival goers who've had their last few clean clothes stolen, or disguised as potatoes. You could have some cute graphic on the front with a picture of a half eaten sandwich, or a slogan ("Chicken Club", maybe, or "Eat me", or "I could have eaten this", or "My boyfriend went off to get some lunch, and all he came back with was this lousy t-shirt", etc.)

Or even more cunningly, the t-shirt could have a pattern which, once it was folded and in the box, made it look like a real sandwich.

moomintroll, Nov 11 2005

(?) Compressed t-shirt shapes http://www.compresst.com/shapelist.asp
Note stark absence of sandwich. You can get an even-sided triangle, or make a custom shape. [jutta, Nov 13 2005]

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       wooow, very cute idea [moom]. I'd definitely like to buy one of those, especially the one that looks like a sandwich when folded inside the box. ++
Pericles, Nov 12 2005

       Thanks. You know, it's weird, but earlier in the week this thing had three or four annos. Then they gradually vanished. I'm wondering if it's to do with the cycles of the moon - gradually the tide of text will come in and out...
moomintroll, Nov 12 2005

       Butty the Vampire Slayer?
abbyfoggin, Nov 13 2005

       This reminds me of a present i got once. It was a little dehydrated/compressed wash cloth that you soaked for about an hour and then it expanded. It was cool, but pretty lame as a gift.
Chickenbreadthe1st, Nov 13 2005


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