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Sandwich subscription

Fresh ingredients every morning with the milk!
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London is an expensive place to buy sandwiches, but when I make my own, they're usually crap (can't match Pret!) So how about this. You list the ingredients you like, (or better yet, the ones you don't), and for a flat fee, you'll get a sandwich pack delivered to your door in the morning with the milk. 5 minutes to prepare, and you're away. The cost would be less, as you're not paying for packaging/preparation labour. Just the ingredients Then you could avoid the ham-sandwich-syndrome.

Picture it... Oh good. Roast beef, parmessan and rocket today, on a tasty rye. No imagination required, no going out shopping, best quality fresh ingredients.

I'd subscribe.

runonthespot, Oct 10 2002

Oberweis Dairy delivers milk and more http://www.oberweis...om/homedelivery.htm
For 'Cookies [XSarenkaX, Oct 15 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Leaping Salmon http://www.zyra.org.uk/leapings.htm
DIY Dinner [whimsickle, Oct 16 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Shirley the cost of preparation would be fractional to the cost of ingredients and delivery? And you say there's no packaging, but I bet there is.   

       Good first effort, though. Welcome to the HalfBakery.
phoenix, Oct 10 2002

       It's all good and well until you're in the middle of eating a sandwich, and you bite into a postcard advertising for renewing your subscription.
polartomato, Oct 10 2002

       Those raccoons are gonna be pretty well fed! Soon they'll start demanding a little dessert with that.
Wes, Oct 10 2002

       - but you are still making the sandwich - sorry I just don't get this.
po, Oct 10 2002

       Except in this case [po], they maybe come with easy assembly directions in big type and 1:1 full color layout diagrams and photos. Roll out the layout plans on the countertop and line up all the elements following the step-by-step instructions.
bristolz, Oct 10 2002

       Heh. When you're done with the directions, you can use them to wrap the sandwich.
phoenix, Oct 10 2002

       Delivery in London seems to be cheaper than labour... Dunno, thought it'd take advantage of the existing milk-delivery infrastructure. Perhaps I should just develop some food imagination...
runonthespot, Oct 11 2002

       btw thanks phoenix!
runonthespot, Oct 11 2002

       You know [run], for a first idea it's not that bad. When I first read the title I thought wow, what a good idea, thinking that what people would do would be to specify what sandwiches they enjoy, condiments, pickle no pickle, etc., entering this data into the deli's system, and then once a week or so, go and pick up a weeks worth of lunch sandwiches, made to order.   

       A service I would most definately subscribe to.
blissmiss, Oct 11 2002

       [Wes] I'd Definitely subscribe to a service that attracted raccoons to London (UK). Amazing!
runonthespot, Oct 11 2002

       Are there no coons in UK? I so coonfused.
blissmiss, Oct 11 2002

       Not in London, but there are foxes... same principal, I guess...
runonthespot, Oct 11 2002

       You don't want coons....   

       Imagine a defensive toddler throwing a tantrum wearing claws....
Wes, Oct 11 2002

       Last time I was in London, (actually, the *only* time I was in London), it was an expensive place to do *anything.*   

       I'd gladly pay a buck or two more for delivery, and now I'm wishing we still had a milk delivery service.
RayfordSteele, Oct 11 2002

       Given that it is amazingly easy to get the freshly made sandwich of your choice delivered (in NYC at least), I think this one counts as triple-decker Baked.   

       [Sandwiches here cost $3.95-$7.95 dependng on vendor and contents, and add to that $1 for the soda and $2 tip for delivery. I don't know if that is cheap enough for you, but it's driven by free market economics, so you'll be hard pressed to get them cheaper without the use of magic. Of course, American sandwiches are about three or four times the weight of British ones, and I don't know how to factor that into the equation.]
DrCurry, Oct 11 2002

       Americans need a milk delivery service. I'm always out of milk, and without milk Lucky Charms just don't taste right.
BinaryCookies, Oct 13 2002

       Have you not heard of Oberweis? (see link)
XSarenkaX, Oct 15 2002

       Leaping Salmon (see link) do a dinner version of this idea in London. They even chop the vegetables for you, I think.   

       "Stress is for the other fish"
whimsickle, Oct 16 2002

       [whimsickle]: you have got the link wrong...just put the 'http://www.leapingsalmon.com' bit in the scriptbox 'destination address'.
Jinbish, Oct 16 2002

       linky added for [whimsickle]
po, Oct 16 2002

       <looks stupid> oops... </looks stupid>
whimsickle, Oct 16 2002

       Sorry, Leaping Salmon is no more. I've taken out po's link and replaced whimsickle's link with a pointer to a site that talks about the demise of the Leaping Salmon site.
jutta, Mar 05 2007

       Doooooon't it always seem to go....
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 05 2007


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