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talking horns

horns that give clear instructions
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i think every vehicle should have "talking horns" rather than the dumb ones that only honk! these "talking horns" will clearly give instructions to the other drivers. for example, if you want to over take a car... your "talking horn" will say in a human voice, "can i over take you please?!!". if you dont like the way some other driver has over taken you from the wrong side, you can use your talking horn to say, "excuse me! that's not the right way to drive!" etc. etc.
electrode, Jan 13 2002

New Device http://www.halfbake...idea/www.cogapa.com
Wild Larry's Link. A musical car horn with some voices, and a P.A. system. [robinism, Oct 17 2004]

Car Horn with PA http://www.cogapa.com
Coga Musical Car Horn with PA and 80+ songs built in [wildlarry, Oct 17 2004]

New Device http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/www.cogapa
Wild Larry's Link. A musical car horn with some voices, and a P.A. system. [robinism, Oct 21 2004]


       I think these are only legal on ice cream vans
notripe, Jan 13 2002

       It isn't difficult to add a P.A. system to your car.
phoenix, Jan 13 2002

       Add a spotlight while you're at it.
thumbwax, Jan 13 2002

       and a water cannon!
edski, Jan 14 2002

       The sounds should be modeled after those foul-mouthed novelty keychains that say "Shut up!", "Kiss my butt!", etc.
Shaggy, Aug 12 2003

       Just saw this new device at www.cogapa.com. A musical car horn with some voices saying it is also. Plus it is a P.A. system. You can even record and playback anything you want through the car horn.
wildlarry, Jun 25 2004

       Good idea.It could be recorded in your own voice so everyone would know who said it.Similar to an idea by Billy Connelly who suggested peoples farts came out as the word " fart" in the individuals voice so everyone knew who was responsible.
python, Jun 28 2004

       When I saw the title to this idea, I assumed that this would be about an animal's horn that had a mouth - not unlike the horn that the wild beast in the book of Revelation carried on it's head.
spiritualized, Jun 29 2004

       The trams in Melbourne have PA systems. It can be quite amusing when drivers don't observe the hook-turn rule.
Detly, Jul 13 2004


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