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Swearing Car Horn

When beep just wont do
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Does what it says on the tin. A box sits on the dashboard with several large 'emergency off' style buttons. A high power amp ensures that you make your point to the offending motorist There could be some expletives pre loaded with a facility to record others allowing you to unleash your creative cursing skills. There could also be a 'live' mode. Recording your own could also allow you to bellow 'thankyou'. Just make sure that you dont hit the 'donkey fucking cock-master!!' button when the little old lady from number 29 lets you out of a side road.
rambling_sid, Dec 02 2004

Car: Horn http://www.halfbake...egory/Car_3a_20Horn
[calum, Dec 02 2004]

Car: Horn: Sound http://www.halfbake...a_20Horn_3a_20Sound
[calum, Dec 02 2004]


       I see why they call you rambling sid.
contracts, Dec 02 2004

       'enormous donkey fucking bone for you, cock master!!!!' [-]
etherman, Dec 02 2004


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