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Separate Horny

Beep Out Of Frustration OR Out Of Interest
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We'll keep the key of E traditional horn blare that all American drivers are accustomed to hearing during rush hour traffic and "I'm parked in front of your house and waiting for you" rages. But what about those frustrating instances when one is cruising down the bustling strip and spots an eye-appealing pedestrian (or fellow motorist)? Merely shouting out of the window is just plain barbaric and tactless, HOWEVER the additional "Horny", within easy reach of the standard creator of traffic-racket, will alert your prospective date in more of a friendly fashion. This soon-to-be built in feature would emit a 'honk' an octave higher than the regular car horn does. This way the target of any driver's interest would be more inclined to inquire with curious interest rather than with a stiff wrist and birdie attached. No longer would there be any confusion between "move it a**hole" and "hey baby". Instead of triggering fisticuffs at 8th and Main, small talk can be initiated with the simple tap of the "Horny". Great for the beaches, unbelievably convenient for the red light districts. If you don't think this is a reasonable idea, then just ask yourself: when have you ever been positively stimulated by the sound of a car's horn? And you wouldn't have to worry about motorists abusing this new feature, believe me. If they want you to move it, you'll hear the old horn. However, if you're a teen cruising the strip mall, or even a mid-lifer burning rubber in the crowded bingo- night parking lot, your potential date is only a beep away. Ideal for the youthful, but highly necessary for the incredibly lazy bachelor or bachelorette. Most of all though, it is a useful device for the open-minded driver. Maybe best of all this device, unlike your automobile's regular horn, need not be tested during your car's inspection, for it is a stock novelty much like your CD player or automatic sunroof.
UrineForATreat, Nov 03 2002


       Just like the Dukes of hazzard's General Lee, on viagra.   

       I suggest a 6/9 chord.
thumbwax, Nov 03 2002

       The AAAAOOOOGAAA horn on my dads old Jaguar was perfect for that... It always turned a (sometimes pretty) head.
James Newton, Nov 03 2002

       That's why I drive a <myth>big black one.</myth>
Damn, that car's fast - I drove 120 mph last night without any strain whatsoever - while clocking only 3200 RPM.
thumbwax, Nov 03 2002

       Great name. :-s
NickTheGreat, Nov 03 2002

       There are enough horn-blowers on the road. If I were king, I would tax horn-blowing by the second.
horripilation, Nov 04 2002

       That Sexy Saxaphone Sound.....Wa Waa Wa Waa Waaaaaa would be just perfect
DeusExMachina, Nov 13 2003


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