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Skyscraper golf

Step into Your Backyard and take a swing!
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This golf takes place in a city, for example New York City. The rules stay the same except for fairways, hazards, and putting. Driving will take place in an office windows. The fairway will be the ground in between your building and your target. The scoring is: The number of levels up from your window level is your score Par will be: 0-100 yds--Par1 101-200 yds--Par 2

If your ball fails to break a window or lands in the street, you must go out and play it, if a bogey is made subtract 50 points.

AngryGerbil, Apr 18 2002

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[mrthingy, Apr 18 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Cool. Will a golf cart fit in an elevator ?
half, Apr 18 2002

       There's been a few calendars made depicting something along this line
thumbwax, Apr 18 2002

       Well, if they don't fit, get a janitor to caddy for you.
AngryGerbil, Apr 19 2002

       Have you seen the Tiger Woods commercial where he's knocking balls through the building windows? It does look pretty fun. Seems like the architecture of the building and windows would have to factor into the score somehow too though.
spartanica, Apr 19 2002

       To half: no need to fit yr golf cart in the elevator ... the new ones will drive right up the outside of the building. Fasten the seatbelt first though.
creebharble, Nov 13 2003


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