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Sheep maintained Machine Free, Natural Golf Courses

Machine Free Natural golf courses maintained by flocks of sheep and windmills.
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A golf course like any other except that the fairways and greens are maintained by flocks of sheep that are herded by dogs and appropriatly dressed sheep herders. An adjoining pasture would be needed to support the sheep when the course was sufficiently short. Small diameter windmills that draw water from ponds, creeks, and wells should provide the water for greens and approaches. This of course would be a walking course with no carts allowed. A rule allowing balls to be placed out of a manure pile would be allowed.
Imathinker, Jul 17 2004


       I went to a course like this when I was a kid - can't remember exactly where, unfortunately. The greens actually had fences around them to keep the sheep off, and there were extra rules covering the accidental hitting of a sheep (or fence).
lostdog, Jul 17 2004

       buggar, I stepped in something.
po, Jul 17 2004

       Lost dog. that is neat, I always wanted to play on one like that. What country was it in?
Imathinker, Jul 17 2004

       Hm. Sheep are not so good at eating grass in a uniform manner such as would be required to create a playable fairway.
calum, Jul 18 2004

       Scotland, Ima.
lostdog, Jul 18 2004

       I just played golf for the first time ever. It was on a pitch-and-putt course which appeared to be maintained by several hundred rabbits. They (and their droppings and their burrows) were everywhere.
hippo, Jul 18 2004

       Many courses in New Zeland are 'maintained' by sheep. When you realise that NZ has 50,000,000 sheep, 4,000,000 people and the most golf courses per capita, it sorta makes sense...
windy, Mar 31 2005

       //They (and their droppings and their burrows) were everywhere.//
And I've played at a course nicknamed "Goose Shit Greens." Scrape your cleats before you get back in the car.
AfroAssault, Mar 31 2005

       [Calum] Exactly, plus you would need highly skilled super sheep to neatly maintain supertrimmed greens!!!
Muzzanator, Mar 31 2005


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