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Utility Knife Trap Mode

Spring loaded knife closure.
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After all the edible flora has been consumed around the crash site open your utility knife against the resistance of a spring and place your last scavenged seed on the trigger mechanism.
rcarty, Oct 14 2011


       So, turn every utility knife into a hair trigger switchblade?
MechE, Oct 14 2011

       And if you happen to meet the Pope out there in the woods, you can have him declare any muskrats you catch to be fish. That way you won't have to go back to starving to death every Friday.   

       But seriously, how exactly does this 'trap' anything worth eating?
Alterother, Oct 14 2011

       //So, turn every utility knife into a hair trigger switchblade?// I'll take two.
DIYMatt, Oct 14 2011

       I need some clarification here: by 'utility knife', do you mean the kind with disposable trapezoidal blades that slide into the handle with a thumb toggle, are you thinking of a Swiss Army knife/pocket folder kind of thing?
Alterother, Oct 14 2011

       I was hoping by "utility knife" he meant bigass hunting knife.
DIYMatt, Oct 14 2011

       // After all the edible flora has been consumed //   

       Logically, your first action was to consume all the edible fauna.   

       Now the edible flora has gone.   

       You're now in what is, for all practical purposes, a desert. What, exactly, are you intending to trap ?
8th of 7, Oct 14 2011

       I meant multitool like swiss army knife. It would possibly trap small game like squirrels that would be otherwise impossible to capture. Not really a switchblade because only the closure is springloaded.   

       With all edible flora first consumed the fauna will be forced to enter the trap to get the last remaining seed.
rcarty, Oct 14 2011

       Do I have access to a length of cord or wire? A bootlace, possibly? Because I can trap a squirrel with a bootlace and a pair of sticks. It's not hard to trap a squirrel. The difficulty is in trying to derive sustenance from one.   

       // I was hoping by "utility knife" he meant bigass hunting knife. //   

       No, that's a combat/utility knife. Sadly, many people associate them with violence, making it unfashionable to wear my Ka-Bar when traveling abroad.
Alterother, Oct 14 2011

       No cord or close substitute is obtainable.
rcarty, Oct 14 2011

       Thanks for sharing that non-sequitur, [bigs]. Now, back in your box, like a good little gimp ...   

       // many people associate them with violence //   

       City-dwellers, no doubt.   

       We associate them with "being an essential tool for staying alive in difficult places".
8th of 7, Oct 14 2011

       So I have my squirrel-trapping pocket folder but not my boots? I mean, even if forced to eat my boots, I'd still keep the laces, just in case I found a couple of sticks and fancied me some squirrel.   

       Alright, I'll be serious for a moment. Any folding knife designed to snap shut with enough force to kill a small animal will also do so with enough force to sever a finger. I don't like it.   

       That is why I mock. I mean, how drunk would I have to be to leave the house with my knife, but not my boots? Wandering around the woods with no pants I can see-- actually, I have seen it, but even that guy had his boots on.
Alterother, Oct 14 2011

       // We associate them with "being an essential tool for staying alive in difficult places". //   

       As do I, but generally I shorten it to 'an essential tool'.
Alterother, Oct 14 2011

       We hate it when we agree with you. It makes us feel uncomfortable. It's happening all too often of late.
8th of 7, Oct 14 2011

       I know. We should fight more. E-mail at fifty paces?
Alterother, Oct 14 2011

       Good to know, if I'm ever out that way. One thing I can say for certain is that they are NOT a reccomended fashion accessory in Florida, even deep in the Everglades.   

       National Park Rangers can arrest people. Who knew?
Alterother, Oct 14 2011

       // a sword is considered frowned upon by law enforcement //   

       I have never been hassled by police when wearing a sword in public. I think it's so unexpected that they don't really register it. The one and only time a cop has asked me about my sword, it went just like this:   

       Cop: "Is that sword real?"   

       [The Alterother]: "Yup."   

       Cop: "Can I have a look at it?"   

       [The Alterother], drawing sword and presenting hilt-first: "Careful, it's sharp."   

       Cop: "It's pretty cool." (Cop hands sword back)   

       [The Alterother]: "Thanks, it was a wedding present from my uncle."   

       Cop: "Nice."
Alterother, Oct 14 2011


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