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Sideways Car

Car in which passengers face the side
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The Sideways Car is about as long as a regular car, but not as wide. The driver sits front and center, facing forward. The passengers sit behind the driver on a long, starboard-facing seat. The sideways seat resembles a Chippendale sofa with seatbelts (to emphasize that it is not a regular back seat).

The car has only two doors. The driver’s door is on the right side of the car, allowing driver-entry from the curb. The passengers’ door is also on the right side, and extends the length of the passenger compartment. It is hinged on top, like a Delorean door. It is much easier for passengers to get into a sideways car; there’s no crouching, crawling or scootching necessary; just open the door and sit down.

Passengers enjoy a better view than backseat passengers in a regular car because they are all facing the window. No more fighting over who has to sit in the middle. There is also more leg room because there is no one sitting in front of the passengers.

In addition to being narrow, the sideways car can be parked very close to a wall on the left side (because both doors are on the right). Therefore, it is the perfect second car for families with a 1-1/2 car garage.

(In countries where people drive on the left side of the road, sideways car passengers face left, and the doors are on the left side.)

AO, Apr 04 2003

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       Didn't we do a spinning car once?
phoenix, Apr 04 2003

       The seats could be placed in the middle of the vehicle, thus evening out lateral weight distribution. Either that or have two benches/sofas facing each other. If they all liked each other quite a lot then you could have footsie passengers.
egbert, Apr 04 2003

       People will get car sick. Here at work we have little mini buses in which some have sideways facing seats. Once onboard I start to get motion sick almost immediately as do many others.   

       They are replacing them because of the problem.
bristolz, Apr 04 2003

       Motion discomfort would certainly be a problem, as noted. Otherwise, you should note that this idea is hardly new: one of the early tram designs in London featured a lower level with benches facing in and a roof with a central unified bench facing out. The sitting area in the middle of the roof represented a raised ceiling for the lower level. Quite clever, really.
supercat, Apr 04 2003

       Another problem would be crashes. You would fly sideways into the person next to you. Even with seat belts you would still flop over. Also depending on how many seats are in the back you would have to have a very heavy door.
imburton, Apr 04 2003

       err. isn't this a limousine ? (-)
neilp, Dec 21 2004

       Our school minibuses in the 1980's had inward facing bench seats. Normally okay until the driver braked or acellerated sharply. Then you'd find yourself becoming overly friendly with your neighbour.
oneoffdave, Dec 21 2004

       a driving sofa mobile? whatever will you think of next
benfrost, Dec 23 2004


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