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Triplet Child Seat

3 child seats across in a sedan
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For most child seats and most sedans today, fitting three child seats in the rear seat is impossible. For customers with more mouths to feed than vehicle size, Steele and Associates has invented the triplet child seat base system. One large base fits across a standard-sized sedan, tying in to the LATCH connection points at all positions. Our childseats are specially-sized and designed to minimize lost space in between the seating positions, where impact protection isn't needed, and maximize safety against outboard and frontal collisions. For safety's sake, only the correct seat fits into the correct position.
RayfordSteele, Apr 27 2012

3 (and 4) seats http://www.multimac...uk/3_child_car_seat
[ytk, Apr 27 2012]


       It should come with an anti-sibling-poking shield for transporting older tottlers.
Alterother, Apr 27 2012

       Hmm... plexiglass?
RayfordSteele, Apr 27 2012

       Found a site that actually sells such a thing (and even sells a quadruple seat!). Doesn't look like the best in terms of impact protection, but I guess something's gotta give.   

       I think you have to bolt these in though, and I can understand that. Normal child seats are enough of a pain to install securely. Pretty sure that something like this would pretty much have to be professionally installed.
ytk, Apr 27 2012

       // professionally installed //   

       ... preferably by a team from Martin-Baker Inc.
8th of 7, Apr 28 2012

       Ingenious, especially with the aid of some kind of pneumatic ram and a slidey horizontal pole thing.   

       Attach the three victi...erm...child seats to the slidey pole and, when having to outrun the Police, the pole gets to slide out of the side of the car, up to 12 foot, to provide a counter weight and hence better cornering.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 29 2012

       "Includes a CD of Keystone Cops theme music"
8th of 7, Apr 29 2012


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