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willy multiplier

Is a summary really necessary?
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In the public toilet, men quickly learn, whether through innate instinct, or through reading about it online, that one must never ever glance sideways to peep at other mens dongers. Of course, this logically implies that such peeping is often done.

Therefore, impress and shock other men by peeing out of your multiple freddies.

The product consists of realistic flesh-toned silicon rubber prosthetic of two or more johnsons joined at the base. One of them is hollow and snug fitting so that it totally covers the user's human member. Internal plumbing allows any emitted urine to be distributed equally to the nozzles at the ends of all the prosthetics simultaneously.

For non-pervy use only.

pocmloc, Jul 01 2012


       I suspect that the dead-volume issues would be worse with this than with the current model.   

       If impression and shockness is needed, perhaps the solution would be something about three feet long connected to a concealed high-pressure reservoir with a capacity of about two gallons?   

       At the end of the process, a small blast of compressed air could be used to clear, with much resonance, the pipework.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 01 2012

       Sounds like you're asking for cystitis with this and i speak from experience.
nineteenthly, Jul 01 2012

       Everything about this is perfect. It has shot into my personal top ten halfbakery ideas ever.
calum, Jul 01 2012


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