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Selected key input delay

Adjust the time between the press of a key and its input to the processor
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I have a "seven finger" typing style. I move very fast with my strokes..too fast on some. For example, I tend to input the word "the" as "teh". I also will think I am typing "and" or "because" and they come out "nad" and "becasue". This happens in many other words. I videoed my typing and played the video in slow motion to find out why this is happening. I know in my mind I am spelling these words correctly. But, my fingers are "stepping" on each other by habitual too-rapid strokes I have found it impossible to correct unless I very dramatically slow down my typing speed. In watching the slowed video, though., I had an idea. What if I could deliberately show down a key's input signal after I hit it- that is buffer it somehow on the keys I am having trouble with. In analysing my writing errors, I found the only offending letters are the vowels 'a', 'e' and 'u' and the consonant 'n' with an occassional 't' and 's' being an offender. Few words using the rest of the letters get mixed up. I decided that if those letters could somehow be delayed by mere milliseconds before their actual input, my typing errors would dramatically decline. As you can see, if the error keys are some of the most used letters, R,S,T,L,N,E, then, correcting those errors would be a big step in the right direction.

So, the idea is, to create a typing input adjustment thingy in which the typist could install tiny thousands of a second delays between actually hitting the key and it being inputed to the prosessor. This delay would help stop my overly eager finger inputs, letting the proper sequince of my intended letter selection be placed in my writing.

Now, I know that spell-check can help and it greatly does in some of the word processors. I have built quite a correcting vocabulary and I do very well with writing in processors like Word and Works and so-forth. But, some places on the net, like my e-mails, various blogs and discussion boards don't have spell-check and so far I have not found how to make everything I type no matter where I type,to filter through my spell check setting (if there is a way to do that, my idea is kaput...I know)

But, it seems to me, this would be a great way to vastly imporve one's typing accuracy in working on computer keyboards..a kind of super smart keyboard (ha- I just typed that as "keyborad" and the word 'just' came out as 'jsut'- well at least I have a backspace key.)

Am I half baked or is this a good idead?

Altoidian, Oct 14 2015

Best idead I've raed all day. http://imgur.com/gallery/otdsfP4
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 14 2015]


       This only works for the one machine it is installed on. Better perhaps to implement this mechanically, though prosthetic finger-tip add-ons which contain tiny springs and linkages. Little grub-screws on each finger-tip adjust for the delay between the finger movement and the impetus being transmitted through to the end of the prosthetic.
pocmloc, Oct 14 2015

       Yul'd have t adjust the delay fr each persn using the cmputer, t accunt (srry!) fr persn-t-persn variatins. What wrked well fr ne persn might nt be right fr anther.   


MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 14 2015

       [+] for going to the time to research this.   

       I have similar problems but always assumed it was a combination of learned bad habits and certain key sequences being slow. I worry that putting a fixed delay on one particular key might help for one work but mess up another. Of course this tool could look at the sequence of keys as well and apply different adjustments in different contexts. How about we just make it monitor your typing against a dictionary, determine the delays needed for the current user, and apply those automatically.
scad mientist, Oct 14 2015

       Aside...— Altoidian, you have had more careers than anyone I have ever met.("chick sexer"used to be a favorite title around here, is missing however.)
blissmiss, Oct 15 2015

       // my e-mails, various blogs and discussion boards don't have spell-check and so far I have not found how to make everything I type no matter where I type,to filter through my spell check setting //   

       The major web browsers have all had spellcheck support for the last ten years or so. Based on that, and the mention of Microsoft Works (which I'd completely forgotten existed until I saw it mentioned in another idea earlier today), I had been thinking this idea was written around 2005, until I got to the bottom and saw the date.   

       Still, I like this alternative way of reducing typos. If the word never gets a red underline in the first place, surely that's better than if it does and you have to correct it?   

       A croissant for the linked comic as well!
notexactly, Dec 18 2018


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