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Self-Shrinking Ice Cream Box

Makes Ice Cream easier to get out!
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So I was downstairs scooping some ice cream after dinner earlier, and this was probably one of the last few helpings my box of cookie dough ice cream would give me.

The problem was getting the ice cream out, since its at the bottom, and maneuvering a scoop is very difficult. Also, my hands got all sticky from the sides.

And in the end, that left me with a bowl of ice cream in little chunky peices, a set of sticky hands, and a box with an inch of ice cream left on the bottom.

Thats where the shrinkable ice cream box comes in... Why not have the box push up so the ice cream comes out easier? Similar to one of those push-pop popsicle things, but instead in the regular quart or half gallon of ice cream. It would make scooping easier, as well as reduce space.. maybe having the bottom part rip off as it gets used.

First post btw.

S1, Mar 31 2006

Tear Away Pringles Canister Tear-Away_20Pringles_20Canister
[DesertFox, Mar 31 2006]

another solution Perforated_20Ice_20Cream_20Container
[po, Mar 31 2006]

And another one (possibly) Fold-out_20Tubs
Expose the ice-cream at the bottom by ripping down the sides. [Mr Phase, Apr 04 2006]


       Hmmm, kind of like my Tear-Away Pringles Canister, only with ice cream.   

       Gets my vote.
DesertFox, Mar 31 2006

       ice cream is sinful
shinobi, Mar 31 2006

       Ice cream is an abomination. +
zeno, Apr 04 2006


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